Introduction: Top 10 Things You Should Not Do in Life (Part 1)

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This is a series of instructables in which I will show you 10 things you should NEVER do in life. They are not from top to bottom because I can not speak for everyone and i would be talking from opinion, not true facts.

Step 1: Number 10: Never Use a Porta Potty

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I'm pretty sure all of you already know this, but here's guide on the best and worst type of porta potties: Green Color: The dirtiest of all and usually contain diarrhea or any other nasty substance Blue Color: Still dirty, but pretty clean considering a porta potty Yellow Color: One of the cleanest porta potties I have ever seen and a definite recommendation to do your business Golden Color: The rarest of the rare almost always super clean and almost never dirty

Step 2: Number 9: Never Prank a Younger Sibling

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Trust me if you prank a child, they will always, ALWAYS cry. You will get in trouble and if he's 8-10 he/she might even start kicking and pulling hair. If worse comes to worse they might even tell an adult and then, depending on how strict they are, comes the real punishment. Being grounded is probably one of the most common punishments that will occur so be prepared if you do.

Step 3: Number 8: Never Give Your Devices to Someone Else

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Now I know your probably thinking, "oh duh, I obviously wouldn't give it to a stranger." That's not what I mean. Say there's someone you know at a party and they ask to see your iPod and they'll show you theirs next. Now here I'm speaking from personal experience. The dude took my iPod and since that guy had a password, I couldn't do anything on his iPod. He took mine and then starting taking lots and lots of pictures of the carpet and just a bunch of black stuff. From then on, I never let anyone borrow my iPod.

Step 4: Conclusion

As you know this is part one only and there will be two more parts released soon. The second part will be released soon.


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