Are you looking for was to creatively engage your toddler? Here are some activities that will keep them busy and encourage brain development! Always supervise closely!

Step 1: Roll a Ball.

Step 2: Read Books.

Step 3: Build (and Knock Down) Towers.

Step 4: Play Dough Is Awesome.

Step 5: Jump on Pillows.

Make sure there are no hard objects nearby!

Step 6: Play Outside.

Step 7: Draw With an IPad App.

Use technology sparingly with young children. The Bord app is a great drawing app that has no sounds or other distracting elements.

Step 8: Pop-up Toys Are Fun.

Step 9: Zoom Cars.

Step 10: Play With Pots.

The possibilities are endless: bang them with a spoon, put things in them, pretend to cook, etc.

<p>My 3 year ADORES playing with &quot;balla&quot; the exercise ball. With the soft floor stuff underneath of course.</p>
<p>All of these are very good tips!</p>

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