In this Instructable I will tell you how to not only be green but save the greens.
Read this Instructable and educate yourself to reduce and help the earth.

Step 1: CFL bulbs

Picture of CFL bulbs
Replace your ordinary light bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFL Bulbs).Because CFL's last longer and are more Eco friendly.
Amusing thought. My cousin's a computer techy (who also thinks green). But did you know that shutting down your computer every time you're going somewhere or every night you go to bed and then turning it back on takes more energy then just turning off your monitor and speakers(if you have speakers) everyday/night. Putting your computer on Standby also helps a lot more then turning off/turning on. Good tip; I used to turn mine off all the time and now that my mother and I have stopped and just click the log off or stand by her electric bill went down.
Keeping your computer on low power mode as in the case of "Standby" uses less power than shutting it down?
Shutting it down use extremely low power if still plugged in, otherwise no power at all.
Standby uses power, about 5 to 20% or more of the total consume of the unit. with many newer cable boxes it not even matter if they are off or on, they still uses the same amount of power.. just go and check it.
To leave a PC in standby or hibernate mode is for resuming work quickly. It cost to keep it like that.
Any household uses about $150 per year on standby electronics.
Is that true ? I'll try not to shut off my apple by night , I have a cool digital consumption mearuring device and I'll see. That's a nice programmable gadget , it tells you consumption and bill for each single operating device
Its Giggles5 years ago
Bunch of bollocks. -_- I must disagree on the cfl lightbulbs. To be honest, led lights are much more "eco friendly" because the dont emit as much co2 or what ever it is called, and because they do not contain toxins. So dont forget to include light emitting diodes.
That's right. You don't have to change all yor light bulbs at once, just a few a month . Now i have just 10 CFL left and 90 led led light in my home,all bought at a resonable price in a year and I'll soon start doing something with my 18 years audi car
 Light bulb made with LED are very expensive right now. At about $20 to 70, It would cost several hundreds of dollars to replace them anywhere in just a few rooms. 
awsome pie (author)  Its Giggles5 years ago
But would you normally use LED light around the house im talking about regular bulbs you would have around the house
scott!6 years ago
I've never thought about how much wood normal pencils waste!
c.d.boe scott!6 years ago
It is also becoming easier to find pencils made from recycled newspaper, I even had one made from bamboo, that thing lasted forever and almost never broke.
there are some made out of corn flour : you can compost it afterwards.
awsome pie (author)  c.d.boe6 years ago
You've actually have made a pencil from bamboo,how! Cool.
awsome pie (author)  scott!6 years ago
I'm glad that hopefully you're one less person wasting wood with normal pencils. Thank you for taking a look at my instructable.
Wait isn't plastic bad for the enviotmemt because it'll be in a land fill forever?
awsome pie (author)  scott!6 years ago
But plastic can be recycled and wood can't be. Plus my mechanical pencils last longer,not have to keep sharping wood pencils.
Oh yeah your right! My bad!
wood is acutally a renewable resource... plastic is made out of oil, which much be pumped, transported, processed, and manufactured.
Wait what? Wood can be recycled. If you just throw it on the then the wood/clay/graphite components will decompose back into the soil from where they came from.
funnydan974 years ago
How do any of these thing help the environment??????
you must be joking...
funnydan974 years ago
How does any of these things help the environment?
awsome pie (author) 5 years ago
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This might not be related to being green, but I have that same pencil sharpener/globe.
Zorasta5 years ago
hehe I can definitely support this one
it really is a lot of fun to do homemade gifts
to make it easier on people who don't want to unplug constantly, you can get a multi plug in unit that plugs into the wall and has a switch the cuts all electricity to all of the electronics hooked into the power strip.
awsome pie (author)  Blacksmith Spader6 years ago
multi plug is a great idea for people that don't want to keep unplugging just like you said."Thanks"
. np I just find that I hate having to keep doing that so I hooked up a power strip so just in case someone hadn't thought of it .
awsome pie (author)  Blacksmith Spader6 years ago
So True.8)
Also, be sure to unplug many appliances and electrical devices since they tend to "suck" energy while idling or in standby. Some say it's only equipment that retain information (ie. clocks or channel presets), but better safe than sorry.
lemonie6 years ago
Well done for making the effort to take your own pictures. (Most people producing these Instructables don't bother) And you spelled "fluorescent" right too! L
awsome pie (author)  lemonie6 years ago
Thank you,for the nice comment if you like my Instructable please vote for it.
I'll try to remember - best wishes. And don't forget that you can still edit this if you think of anything else / improvements. L