Most of these bets and tricks involve empty bottles, coins and dollar bills. Learn a few new tricks to impress your friends, or just hustle them out of al their singles and change!

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Step 1: Watch this video!

Watch me perform and explain each of these nifty tricks and bets in a short video!

Olive into the wine glass trick is pretty cool. Place an olive on the bar in front of guest, next to the olive sit a wine glass(upright)next to it and tell guest they need to get the olive inside the wine glass with out touching olive or picking it up with hands or any object. When they give up, simply place wine glass OVER the olive(upside down) and quickly move in circular motion, the faster the better,The olive will spin up into the wine glass, as it climbs up into middle swoop glass quickly back upright position and olive will be in glass. I'm bartending tomorrow maybe I can shoot a video!!!
<p>That's pretty great, I've actually never heard that before. Thank you for sharing!</p>
thumbs up! also a fine trick! thanks!
<p>Great tricks, but um, I'm wondering, based on the end shot, if you truly understand what the drinks inside the bottle are for? &lt;wink&gt;</p>
Also, dont forget about pulling the cork out of a wine bottle using a cloth napkin. Empty the wine bottle then shove the cork all the way down into the bottom of the bottle. Pinch down a corner of the napkin and start shoving it down into the bottle. Once the napkin is just down past the neck of the bottle, flip the bottle over and position the cork so that it lands on a flat part of the napkin. Start pulling the napkin out slowly until the cork jams into the neck of the bottle. The seam on the edge of the napkin should catch the bottom of the cork. Then just give it a good yank.
Put a dime in a shot glass... Then a quarter. To remove the dime without touching anything, blow hard down the side of the shot glass and the dime will fly out and the quarter remains.. This has to be a regular sized shot glass. :)
<p>I can drink three pints of beer before you can drink two shots... loser pays. Line up the pints and shots on the bar. Rules are that you can't touch the other person's glasses. Say, &quot;Since you have two shots and I have three beer, can you spot me the first one?&quot; Down your beer somewhat fast... as you get close to the end of the beer switch your hand grip so that when done it will be upside down in your hand... they will grab their shot glass and you will now drop your empty glass over they other shot glass... they can't get their last shot... now drink your pints at whatever speed you like... as the other person goes to pay...</p>
<p> ~( :- })={ &gt; ---- ]</p>
Take two glasses put water a dollar bill in them. Have bartender submerge both glasses till there is no air. The trick is to get the bill out with out spill ALL of the water which means you can spill some.now the answer use a cocktail straw to remove the bill. Note do not let water in to the cocktail straw or you will lose. water's elasticity and vacuum pressure allow this trick to happen.
Correction*** use a schooner(brandy glass).. The wine glass stem is too long
pint glass, saucer, cup of water, book of matches. fill the saucer almost to the brim. make a triangle with the matchbook so that the matchheads are facing up. pull out one match and strike it. float the matchbook in the water. light all the matches with the lit one and then place the pint glass over top of the burning matches. all of the water from the suacer will be pulled into the pint glass. voil&agrave;! you made a huge mess on a bartop!
<p>I get the feeling I should't try this one, haha. </p>
<p>Awesome! I'll definitely be doing some of these to my friends.</p>
My friend showed me one ill put it up when I have a video
<p>Can't wait to see it!</p>

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