Top 5: Awesome Bar Bets You'll Always Win (Probably)





Introduction: Top 5: Awesome Bar Bets You'll Always Win (Probably)

Most of these bets and tricks involve empty bottles, coins and dollar bills. Learn a few new tricks to impress your friends, or just hustle them out of al their singles and change!

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Step 1: Watch This Video!

Watch me perform and explain each of these nifty tricks and bets in a short video!

Step 2: The Business Card Flick

All you'll need is a business card from your own or a friend's wallet and a penny. Place the card on top of the bottle and the penny on top of the card. Make sure the penny is positioned over the opening of the bottle. Flick the edge of the card and send it flying! The penny will fall straight into the bottle.

Step 3: Liberate That Dollar From a Stack of Quarters

Place a dollar on top of an empty bottle and pin it down under a stack of four quarters. The bet here is to remove the bill without touching or removing the quarters. Lick your finger and quickly swipe down at the bill. It will stick to your moist finger and pull out from under the coins without displacing them from atop the bottle. Voilà, you're practically David Copperfield.

Step 4: Yea, They'll Get This One Wrong

Place a bottle upside down on the center of a dollar bill. Ask a friend to remove the bill without touching or knocking over the bottle. Most people will attempt to yank the bill out from underneath the bottle. Unfortunately for them this will never work. Instead the answer is to roll the bill. keep your fingers in either side as you roll. The center of the bill will push the bottle off smoothly. Perfection, you've won yourself a dollar!

Step 5: There's More Than One Way to Get the Job Done

For the same bet there is another option. Instead of rolling the bill you can also make a fist and pound the table as you pull gently on the dollar. As the bottle bounces, the bill will work its way out from underneath. This works well as long as the table allows enough bounce. If it's too sturdy the bottle will barely budge.

Step 6: Bottle Sculpture

Can you balance a full drink on top of three empties and some butter knives? Of course you can! Place the bottles in a triangle shape. Hold two knives so that they cross at the blades and their butts each rest on a separate bottle. Add the third knife so that it weaves under one of the two already in place and over the other. Congratulations, you're a master of architecture! Well, maybe not, but this is still pretty cool.

Step 7: Enjoy!

If you know some more clever bar bets and tricks, I'd love to hear about them in the Comments section. Remember to check out the links in the description of this instructable for my website and YouTube channel (subscribe for new instructional videos and projects every week). Have a great summer!



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    Olive into the wine glass trick is pretty cool. Place an olive on the bar in front of guest, next to the olive sit a wine glass(upright)next to it and tell guest they need to get the olive inside the wine glass with out touching olive or picking it up with hands or any object. When they give up, simply place wine glass OVER the olive(upside down) and quickly move in circular motion, the faster the better,The olive will spin up into the wine glass, as it climbs up into middle swoop glass quickly back upright position and olive will be in glass. I'm bartending tomorrow maybe I can shoot a video!!!

    That's pretty great, I've actually never heard that before. Thank you for sharing!

    thumbs up! also a fine trick! thanks!

    Last time I went to a bar was The Pink Pussycat in Mpls., Minn., 1965, however, I'll perform your bar tricks to much younger companions in my village.

    Best regards,

    Last time I went to a bar was The Pink Pussycat in Mpls., Minn., 1965, however, I'll perform your bar tricks to much younger companions in my village.

    Best regards,

    Wait until someone next to you buys an expensive drink. Place a napkin over it and bet them $1 that you can drink it without removing the napkin or getting it wet. When they take the bet, remove the napkin, drink it, and pay them the $1. :)

    I had a lot of fun with this one.In Canada , I would order a "Zombie".....4 or 5 or 6 kinds of rum, plus a liquior I beleive, anyway, back in the '70s when a beer was a buck a "Zombie " was about $10.+, so I would instagate someone into "buying the most expensive drink in the bar" and I can drink it without the glass leaving the table,my hand touching the glass or the table, nor the drink's glass touching my lips.........Now that the victum is hooked, or to push her/him over the edge,tell 'em you'll throw in "And I'll give you a buck if I can't, hen down the drink and throw 'em a buck, pretty well always ends up with a good a return prank !

    Good Job. Always fun. :)

    Well done mate these are very good. but so easy.. Thanks.. John :)