Picture of Top 9 Ways To Fold Awesome Holiday Napkins!
WARNING:  Dinner guests may become overly intimidated by your amazing napkin folding skills.  Use of video content is at own risk.
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Step 1: Watch the Video!

Step 2: For Convenience...

Picture of For Convenience...
In this project, I decided to play with the art of napkin folding, and these are the 9 that I liked the most for this holiday season.

The pictures above aren't in order of progression, but are just an overview of all the folds in this project.

Each page of this instructable is a different napkin fold, and has a written description on how to fold the napkin, as well as an embedded video tutorial.  

Or, for convenience, you can just watch all the videos below!

Step 3: Fancy Napkin #1 - The "Crown"

Picture of Fancy Napkin #1 - The
Making the "Crown" is as simple as following 8 easy steps. 

1. Lay out a square napkin, and begin by folding it up diagonally to form a triangle.

2. Fold up each of the bottom corners, to meet the point at the top.  If your napkin isn't perfectly square, just do the best you can with what you have. 

3. Now fold the bottom point, three quarters of the way up,

4. then fold it back on itself so the point is back at the bottom. 

5. Go ahead and flip it over

6. Take one of the back edges, and fold it a third of the way in. 

7. The other side, folds over next and is secured by tucking the corner into the flap at the bottom. 

8. Flip it over one more time, and now just peel the two sides down like you're peeling a banana. 

Open the base, stand it upright, and your cloth crown is finished. 

This simple fold is quick and easy, and can add a very elegant touch to your table settings. 

If you don't have any cloth napkins, try using paper napkins instead. 

jbrecken1 year ago
If there were only two eggs peeking out the top and the ribbon was a little tighter, this could be called "the Corset."
Hey man !…
You are everywhere : on my mail, on You Tube, here … where else ???

Soon you'll become the world reference in napkin folding !… :D

Keep on the good works !
bdutro1 year ago
The 'crown' looks like a breaching shark to me, mostly because of the stitching teeth.
sonicrz1 year ago
Hey so I really like your creations the swan was really awesome but when ever I go into instructables (on my ipod ) and find you instructable I can't watch your videos so basically your link is Broken and I was wondering if you could fix it or it's just my ipod
NTT1 year ago
Hi ya
neelofar461 year ago
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