WARNING:  Dinner guests may become overly intimidated by your amazing napkin folding skills.  Use of video content is at own risk.

Step 1: Watch the Video!

<p>I love these! Very useful :) Thanks for sharing!</p>
If there were only two eggs peeking out the top and the ribbon was a little tighter, this could be called &quot;the Corset.&quot;
Hey man !&hellip; <br>You are everywhere : on my mail, on You Tube, here &hellip;&nbsp;where else ??? <br> <br>Soon you'll become the world reference in napkin folding !&hellip; :D <br> <br>Keep on the good works !
The 'crown' looks like a breaching shark to me, mostly because of the stitching teeth.
Hey so I really like your creations the swan was really awesome but when ever I go into instructables (on my ipod ) and find you instructable I can't watch your videos so basically your link is Broken and I was wondering if you could fix it or it's just my ipod

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