Step 7: Fancy Napkin #5 - The "Elf Shoe"

Picture of Fancy Napkin #5 - The
We can make the "Elf Shoe" in 8 fairly simple steps. 

1. Fold a square napkin in half, from the bottom to the top.

2. Then fold it again from the top to the bottom. 

3. Now find the center, and fold the two sides in, the same way you'd fold a paper airplane. 

4. Go ahead and continue this idea, by folding the sides in again, forming a sharp point at the tip. 

5. At this point, the two halves can fold over on each other, and when you flatten them out, check which side is open, and make sure it's facing to the bottom. 

6. Now focus on the loose parts at the back, and fold the top layer up and out of the way. 

7. The bottom layer folds in half, then wraps over the top layer, tucking neatly into the little flap in the side of the shoe. 

8. All that's left now, is to turn down the loose material sticking up at the top, to form a little cuff. 

Your little elf shoe napkin is finished and ready for showing off. 

If you try making one out of a paper napkin it will probably look something like this.