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I love playing with my iPhone, but I don't like advertising that I'm carrying a highly expensive, highly stealable gadget. I decided to make a booksafe case so that I can carry it around with me, play with it on Bart, and look like I'm reading.

Plus, booksafes are cool.

I decided to make the booksafe so I could carry use it in two ways:
1. Leave the iphone in its Marware case and carry them both in the closed booksafe, to provide an extra level of protection in my backpack.
2. Take the iphone out of its Marware case and put horizontally in the open booksafe to surf the web.

Step 1: Choosing the Book

First off, pick the book. Here are the things you need to decide before you choose it:

1. Do you want to put the iPhone in the book vertically, horizontally, or both?
2. Do you want to put the iPhone + a case in the book, or just the phone?

Once you've decided, pick out a book that's thick enough and tall and wide enough to hold the phone.

It's a good idea to pick a book with a dust jacket, because it might get messed up during the project.
kylekyle7 years ago
I'm implanting magnets into the pages to keep it closed! I love this idea I'm doing it now
I like the way you think
that is a good idea by do you realize that magnets can wipe electronics like iphones and flash memory and definitely hard drives
flash memory would not be affected by a magnet. only an ipod video with a hard drive would be affected.
I agree with this guy.
dont do it
Haha cool
FrozenIce3 years ago
haha i made one just like this for my iPod touch 4 like 2 months ago!!
beastycrum5 years ago
Great idea! I tried it for my iPod Nano and it works great! This will be a awesome thing for silent reading time at school!
Nice. I'll try it.
LasVegas7 years ago
Secret! Ess - Eee - Sea - Are - Eee - Tea SECRET!
Obviously you haven't been to icanhascheezburger.com...
you spelled secret wrong
angs97 years ago
To hold the book shut put magnets in the corners. If you've left enough room at the front you can put magnets in both sides to hold the book shut. Magnets and a thing metal strip also work. If you go to a hobby store you can even get those super strong rare earth magnets. Of course magnets + hard drives might not get along so might not want to try this with a hard drive based mp3 player
trayo angs96 years ago
Are they really "rare" earth magnets if you can buy a bunch of them at hobby stores?
LasVegas angs97 years ago
Hard drives are well shielded from magnetic fields. They actually contain stronger magnets than you'll likely ever put near them. in this post floppy disk era, magnets are no longer a real danger around computers.
My mom worked at Maxtor a few years ago, and they would test them with huge super-uber electromagnets, and yes, most of them survived.
I know myself, I tried to wipe a hard drive a long time ago with a powerful magnet I had, didn't work at all. They're made of some thick metal eh?
angs9 LasVegas7 years ago
I know, but thought I'd put in the disclaimer so no one could accuse me of trying to sabotage an ipod :). I've taken apart many a hard drive for the magnets. They're awesome. Some you can't even pry off my fridge door.
hivoltage angs97 years ago
I used the magnets and thin metal strip in my Instructable for making a book safe/ mp3 player case Here
lemonie7 years ago
Congratulations upon spelling 'voila' correctly (many others have failed...) L
Tierra lemonie7 years ago
I think you mean "wahlah" :-P
mg0930mg Tierra6 years ago
No, it is Voila. HEHE. You posted on my birthday. ZOMG.
A.C.E.6 years ago
i searched marware ipod touch case and i got this which isnt quite what you have in the first pic.. the last ipod i had would've been dead by now except for the fact i had a nice (sort of) black leather case. it lives in it's case, it and its 1,856 songs. now i have an ipod touch and it is defensless and your case looks awesome!! could you please tell me where you got is? thanks!
WTHAI7 years ago
Ok, so I did this because I'll need it for when I'm out, but I used a classic piece of literature. Sorry. It was Treasure Island.
bumpus7 years ago
sweeet, I've made a few of these before, one to hide and transport fireworks, and two more just to put stuff in...i glue pieces of foamboard to the inside, but thats just me....
lukeyj15 bumpus7 years ago
That's clever. What sort of fireworks are they? They ovishly weren't big.
bumpus lukeyj157 years ago
Nope, just little home-made ones hehe
puffyfluff7 years ago
Never thought about something like this. Great idea.
3451387 years ago
Looks awesome!I might make it but instead for a DS or something!
very sneaky!
schnerby7 years ago
To line something like this with fabric, choose something fairly soft and flexible to cushion the phone but also sit in the hole nicely. Leave a few extra pages at the front. Glue the fabric down to the faces of the pages leaving plenty to fill the hole then when that is dry glue a few extra pages down over the raw fabric edges. Should work ok.