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Introduction: Top Woodworking Hand Tools

This is an instructable designed for beginner woodworkers! It will explain what tools are needed as well as a few materials you always want on hand.

Step 1: Saw

You NEED a saw in order to be a woodworker. You don't need to get an expensive dewalt or Porter Cable saw. You could start out with a hand saw like I did. Or you could get a circular saw like the one in the picture. Keep in mind you get what you pay for. I recommend getting a Skill brand saw.

Step 2: Jigsaw

Another saw you may want to get is a jigsaw. Jigsaws allow you to make curved cuts. You don't need to get an expensive jigsaw. I highly recommend the black and decker jigsaw in the picture. I have been using it for a while and it has worked great for only 40 bucks.

Step 3: Drill

A drill is the second most important tool for woodworking. I recommend getting a nice drill because you will use a drill a lot! Also get a nice set of drill bits. I recommend self tapping drill bits. Mine are Dewalt drill bits.

Step 4: Clamps

Can't have enough clamps! Not much to say about clamps. You should have at least 3-5 clamps on hand to start out.

Step 5: Sandpaper and Files

Sanding is a major part of woodworking. A sheet of sand paper cost next to nothing. Files can be bought for around 5 bucks a piece.

Step 6: Ruler, Straight Edge, and Angle

Get a ruler like the one in the right of the picture. Can't stress it enough how much you will use a straight edge.

Step 7: Hammer

Of course you need a hammer! You can get a very cheap hammer and it won't really make a difference. Don't spend more than 10 bucks on a hammer. That's all I have to say about a hammer.

Step 8: Supplies

Some supplies you need are glue, wood, nails, and screws. I recommend getting a nice decider for your screws.


Thanks so much for reading. Please vote for my instructable if you liked it. I hope this helps you to get started in woodworking.



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    A couple new tools for me, Thanks for sharing!

    Great post and a lot of useful information! The only thing that I can add is go to someone's shop and watch it in action. I love to teach young and old what little I know. I was taught by some of the best and you can be too. Last but not least, start with what you need and accumulate! Remember " Safety First '! You need al of your fingers and eyes. Happy Sawing!

    Oh, nice that's awsome! You defiantly need a jigsaw or a bandsaw. A band saw is a bit more money but it makes more precise cuts. I got lots of my tools at yard sales for dirt cheap. I was surprised how many people were getting rid of their stuff.

    Thanks for the advice! I will start looking at yard sales first, hope I can find some tools!

    any way you can feature this instructable?

    Thanks so much for responding. I see that you work on, could you tell me what I need to change in order to be featured? also one other question I had... how do you make an instructable that is basically just a group of different instructables? thanks again for all the help!