Picture of Top hat from old books
It never fails.
The kids just had to read those books over the summer.
And they just had to read their own copies - not the ones that you got from the library*, Mo-omm!  You are so uncool!
And now that school's starting again...  your kids would rather sit two hours in a spike-lined coffin than look at those books again.

So what to do with all these books?  Full of... paper?

Did someone say... "Paper Steampunk Top Hat?"

I thought so.

*Note:  The books used in this craft were, in fact, library books that were taken out of circulation due to damage.  I always encourage you to pre-love any books used for craft projects.

Materials Used:
1 book  (I used Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling & the decorations came from The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznik)
small craft blade
scrapbooking glue (because it had a handy dual applicator, but probably could have used craft glue)
pencil with eraser
scratch paper
stain (black tea and some spray stuff from the craft store)

For optional decorations:
crepe paper streamers
2 metal paper fasteners, aka "brads"
20-gage floral wire, gold
wire cutter with rounded plier end (to shape wire)

noxxx971 year ago
Is there a way to make it sturdier? Would gluing the pieces to cereal boxes work you think?
I'd be afraid to wear it. Especially in the rain.. Have you tried coating it with some waterproof sealant?
angelprojekt (author)  Philomina Glass2 years ago
I never thought of trying to wear it in the rain! Mostly it sits on a display shelf.
However, I have made paper wreathes that I would like to stand up to a little weather (such as hanging on a door under a covered porch), and for them I would be interested in trying a waterproof sealant. Perhaps a simple "clear coat" spray would work!
Gabrock3 years ago
I'm Back! Here's mine :)
the pages have been taken from a book of Irish legends.
angelprojekt (author)  Gabrock3 years ago
How fun! Thanks for sharing!
ilpug3 years ago
Oh wow. This is amazing. I think I might do this project, but instead of making a whole hat, just modify the one I have now.... an amazing project with a beautiful result.
angelprojekt (author)  ilpug3 years ago
Thank you! I encourage you to play around with it - would love to see what you develop!
Yeah, I might do an Ible' on tea-dying paper.
Gabrock3 years ago
Now i know what MUST I DO this afternoon :)
You're a genius!
That is so cute! Love it :D
angelprojekt (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
Awesome! Looks great.
angelprojekt (author)  dreiseratops3 years ago
Thank you!