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Introduction: Topaz Treasure

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Topaz Treasure gleams and sparkles under the lights with the hundreds of Topaz Swarovski crystals and the 24k plated stand and filigrees.
Inside is a cute Swarovski crystal Lizard Brooch.
An Emu Eggshell was used for this original design by Glenis Thomas. It was made especially for an Exhibition at the Pataka Museum & Gallery, Porirua City, New Zealand. The photos show the details and the delicate cutting on the top half. It took two days to line the bottom half with 12 meters of narrow, metallic gold ribbon cut and made into a prairie points. Most of the work was done under a magnifier. Glenis found this made a big difference with doing such fine work.



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    janmac2 stunning!

    Absolutely STUNNING! Wow! What talent! Thanks for sharing it with us. God bless

    1 reply

    Many thanks! Your kind comments are much appreciated. see >>>

    Beautiful - one gets the impression that it was made by Faberge.

    1 reply

    Hi fredscholl, Thanks! That means a lot! It's a fabulous art/craft that brings so much pleasure both to the artist and the observer.

    Wow, that's gorgeous! How do you do the delicate cuts in the top half?

    1 reply

    Hi Canida, Many thanks! I used a high speed Dremel tool with a flexi shaft and diamond cutters. It's the finest cut I've done so far. It required great concentration but I was thrilled I did it without any breaks!

    Wow. That is a very impressive piece of work.

    1 reply

    Thanks RadBear! It took many hours but much pleasure!

    This is my own work. I have been 'egging' now for 10 years. I teach as well as create these amazing eggs. Just love the challenge and the endless possibilities of making something beautiful out one of natures simple gifts. see >>>

    is this your own work or is it some one elses work?