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Introduction: Toploader VHS Table

After schlepping my VHS tapes collection for about 15 years, I realized those movies are NEVER going to see the light of day or a screen, for that matter. . I didn't have the heart to throw away all those memories - Bruce Lee's Big Boss, Rob Reiner's The Sure Thing and a lot of MTV's 120 minutes and alternative nation.

I wanted to reuse the tapes and not dump them. So, I decided to turn the tapes into a table.
Only thing I had to get was a piece of wood (56X41.5 cm), and some strong glue.

First I glued the tapes to the wood plate, creating a pattern (Only later I realized I foolishly didn't rewind),
and then I attached the legs.

After this Beta (pun intended) The next step is building a TV, DVD and stereo cabinet from tapes.



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    I've spent so much time looking for anyone who has VHS tapes of 120 Minutes, and here they are, beyond my reach.

    I don't have a word for the mixture of sorrow, regret, and yearning I have at this moment. Maybe the Germans have a word for it.

    I have over 400 vhs movies that I watch on my vcr. I can't afford to record them on a dvd and I like watching them. My problem is how to store them so that it is easy to find what I want to watch. I started collecting vhs tapes in 1987 for my daughter. I want it to hold my vhs, dvd's, and cd's. Help

    Thanks this is fab I was just on the way to the bin with mine now off to make a table:) thanks for sharing this.

    Hello. I love it. What did you use to get the labels off? GooGone? Also, what kind of glue did you use? Thanks for sharing your great idea.

    I don't know what they used, but WD-40 will soak through and loosen any paper sticker. Just put a bit on and let it soak in, pull the sticker off and wipe clean.

     With 3000 tapes to rescue (much of my collection will never see light of day anywhere else--so it all has to go to disc), I think it would be very ironic to build DVD shelves from VHS tapes.

    And who care whether they were rewound? It adds a randomity factor.

    Great idea
    Like thelandlord, I too have loads, not even mine but dumped in the hall when the people upstairs moved on. This is a great idea, particularly if you combined some of the table top ones with some of the other lighting up ideas on Instructables, such as Lemonie's clock

    How strong are the legs? Did you use anything to make them rigid other than glueing them together, I was thinking they could be a wee bit wobbly??

    Well I wouldn't put a TV on the table. It's perfect as a coffee table or a bedside table.The legs are pretty steady, but if you intend it to be used to hold something heavy, be sure add something stronger.