This is great for putting cocktails in and stunning for looks

Step 1: You Will Need

Cling film, a glass and some water

Step 2: The Ice

Fill the glass with water to where you prefer

Step 3: Cling Film

Add the cling film firmly around the rim

Step 4: Freeze

Then stick the glass into the freezer upside down

Step 5: Waiting

Wait four to 5 hours for it to freeze

Step 6: The Hole

Then run some hot water into the ice to burn a hole

Step 7: Enjoy

Take it out of the freezer and enjoy
( it's better with a straw)
Nice one im one jelous gal i wish i had that many veiwers
<p>Cool Idea :D</p>
My pleasure
<p>Wow it looks really stunning, not to mention all in progress pictures are awesome! Thanks for sharing!</p>
It would be nice to have some followers guys

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