This instructable describes how to make a torch, and also how to breathe fire. All the materials needed should cost under 20$. Its also safer then you might imagine for a few reasons, the first is that kerosene (The liquid used to breathe fire) has a high flash point, meaning its not an extremely flammable liquid, I have put matches out in cups of kerosene. It ignites because you make it into a mist (aspirating) when you spray it from your mouth. Another reason is as long as there is sufficient pressure the flames will stay a safe distance from your face.
With that being said it is still a dangerous project and should only be attempted if you consider yourself responsible enough to follow the directions exactly. I have confidence that as long as you follow my directions you will not be burned, so thats my disclaimer if you dont follow the rules don't blame me.
Now with all the boring stuff aside, get ready to impress your friends and family at your next summer bbq. It never gets old hearing people say how crazy you are.

Step 1: Parts List

This parts list contains all the materials needed to make 2 torches and the things used to breathe fire.


1. Kerosene a.k.a. paraffin oil, make sure it is high quality with nothing added. (I bought mine in this big jug at sears hardware for about 6$)
2. 4' long 1" diameter wooden dowel or (2) 2' long metal pipes with similar or smaller diameter (Note: If using the metal pipes the following materials are not necessary: aluminum foil, nails, hammer, saw, or tin can)
3. Aluminum foil
4. Hammer with 5 or 6 nails about an inch long
5. Metal can of some kind( A soup can works, but a coffee can is better because it is longer and will protect the dowel better
6. Kevlar wick about 2" wide (Can be bought on e-bay for a few dollars a foot, just search for "kevlar fire poi"). You will need about 2-3 feet per torch, I have also heard that cloth belts can be used instead of the kevlar, but I have never tried this method.
7. Plastic water bottle
8. Small funnel
9. Tin snips or heavy duty scissors capable of cutting a coffee can
10. A wood saw
11. Ruler
12. A wet towel, bucket of water, and fire extinguisher are also a good idea (not just one but all three)
<p>great instructable, well written. but you might want to state that kero/parrafin are two seperate things in some countries like mine but in others it is the same product, it can be a bit confusing and dangerous. </p>
<p>great instructable, well written. but you might want to state that kero/parrafin are two seperate things in some countries like mine but in others it is the same product, it can be a bit confusing and dangerous. </p>
this is ok but i would never put kerosene in my mouth what else can u use for fuel?
<p>Kerosen is so dangerous and more volatile. For your healt, please use Paraffine. It's more gentle for you troath, le light of the flamme is whiter than kerosen. Never breath near of a cable as the photo, always have 10 meter of safety that there are anything around.</p>
<p><b>paraffin *is* kerosene</b></p>
Baking soda makes much smaller flames
<p>100% Non-Toxic, and impossible to backfeed into your lungs seeing as the oil puts off no vapors, and best of all if this stuff is on your skin and you tried to light it, it would not even catch fire :D</p>
Tiki torch fluid. the taste is not bad and its a nice bright orange. i'v swallowed some on accident and i was fine.
lmao like the citronella oil? that cant be tasty.
Or moonshine
or rum
Or corn starch.
or powdered coffee whitener
or solid fire retardent
&quot;lol&quot; isn't combustible.......
And solid fire retardent is.
that's the joke....
Lamp oil. Works good and not as volatile as the rest. Never had problems with it.
spit 151 rum or isopropyl alcohol at that torch-good not nearly as toxic or volatile as petrol products.
never use isopropyl alcohol!!!!!!!!!!!! you obviously have never used it. if you had,you wouldn't be typing this. period!
isopropyl is good for the torch itself (if you want to eat fire too) but not the breathing liquid
lasermaster, said no isopropyl, but CVS sells ethyl alcohol, which works well and wont kill you if you swallow it, no denature alcohol or methanol either, they WILL kill you without even swallowing them.
&nbsp;Use corn starch or powdered sugar.
u should put a straw filled with flour in ur mouth then blow it out. the axis experimented with using flour and charcoal dust to strengthen the power of their tornado gun
Flour only works as a flash powder though, so you'd have to throw it. It's much cooler to make like a dragon and breathe some fire.
Dilute the kerosine with water.
what?? that would not work
First test the liquid with a spray. Take care.
Dangerous and cool
can you use peanut oil? (acts just like Diesel)
<p>I use Canola Instead, it work fine so long as you heat it up to thin it out a little before you try it... Good to see someone else is on the same mindset tough... XD</p>
kerosene and paraffin are completely different well sort of......Paraffin just means it is a fuel that has an oily composition and kerosene is a carcinogen and If you don't know what that means it means it causes cancer. Kero comes from petroleum that has been highly refined but Lamp Oil doesn't......you are going to get someone hurt and that would be grounds for suing because you didn't state a waver from responsibility and if you decide to put one up it won't matter because It hasn't always been up therefore they can still sue so you should take this article down.
but everything causes cancer these days
only in the state of California.
haha i got a butane torch a few weeks ago and it says on it something about it causing cancer in California
so does California have a high death rate? and if everything causes cancer there, should i go there to get cancer removed? since the doctors would have so much practice.....
But while you're there, your cancer will get cancer. You'll need to be on one side of the state line and have them operate from the other.
but wouldn't that still exspose the cancer to the cancer? could we just kill of the cancer with cancer while we stay safely on the other side?
I heard you like cancer so we put cancer in your cancer so you can die while you die. <br> <br>seriously, use paraffin.
PARAFFIN, PARAFFIN,PARAFFIN,&nbsp;&nbsp; DO NOT USE KEROSENE,&nbsp;&nbsp; DO NOT USE GASOLINE,&nbsp; DO NOT USE ALCOHOL,&nbsp;&nbsp; USE PARAFFIN, PARAFFIN PARAFfIN<br /> Im not usually one to talk about irresponsibility <br /> parafin can be found at any walmart or hardware store.&nbsp; it is called lamp oil and is used for tiki torches.&nbsp; Paraffin is used for its low flash point, and it is for the most part odorless and not terrible tasting, you really want to stay away from anything else.&nbsp; And Jesus, please read all the precautions first.&nbsp; Practice with water first, it sounds dumb but DO IT.&nbsp; The most important factor is when you blow the flame and then close your mouth when you reopen your mouth you need to blow out again incase the fire has been trapped in your mouth waiting for oxygen.&nbsp; If you were to inhale, the flame would fill your lungs and we can only hope after that.&nbsp; Try not to wear any synthetic material when attempting, I have seen peoples clothing melt onto their body. Just as you would not piss into the wind, do not blow into the wind. And always have a towel that has been soaked in water and wipe your face in between blows, the liquid likes to dribble down your chin, and a little goes a long way.&nbsp; Start off small,&nbsp; do not rush it,&nbsp; you dont need a whole mouth full.&nbsp; If you really must breathe fire, research it first. There is plenty of info on Wiki and other sites that will give you correct info and they all agree.&nbsp;&nbsp; USE PARAFFIN.&nbsp; lord Im getting old<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
<p>I use Canola Oil... All that stuff above... Yeah, I worry about none of it XD</p>
Your advice is better but why not be safe and not try it at all. People that try this could end up being visited at a <a href="http://www.daltonfuneralhome.com" rel="nofollow"> funeral home</a> with the lid closed due to being burnt beyond recognition. Ouch!
isn't paraffin just the british word for kerosine? (wikipedia: Kerosene, sometimes spelled kerosine in scientific and industrial usage,[1] also known as paraffin in UK and South Africa, is a combustible hydrocarbon liquid) also, kerosine is quite safe when ingested (just some explosive diarrhea, pun intended) while lamp oil usually has some added chemicals to make it burn more beautiful or easier (look at the back, according to wikipedia the flash point for pure paraffin/kerosine is 90 degrees centigrade, while most lamp oils light at 61

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