Step 2: Prepare the handle

Picture of Prepare the handle
If you are using a wooden dowel keep on reading, however if you are using a 2 metal rods then there is not much preparation needed and you can go onto the next step.

1. Remove both the top and bottom of the metal container (make sure it is clean first) so you are left with just a hollow cylinder.
2. Using the ruler measure the exact diameter of your handle, take that measurement and multiply it by pi (3.14) to get the circumference, then add an inch to that number. If you used a 1" dowel like I said then your final measurement should be 4.1 inches.
3. Using the sciccors or tin snips cut a straight line down the side of the can, and then lay it out and press it flat. Take the ruler and measure out the final measurement from the last step on the side of the can and then cut out that length.
4. Press the piece of metal flat against the surface of the top of the dowel, and hammer one nail through halfway down the can.
5. Roll the handle onto the can until it completely surronds the top and overlaps back where your first nail is. Then take the hammer and hammer 2 more nails into the can, one a few inches above the first nail and one a few inches below, so the handle will be completely covered by the can (except for the top side)
6. Cover the entire area you just covered with the can with about 1 and a half feet of aluminum foil, except this time cover the very top also.

You are now ready to put on the wick.
ajmontag7 years ago
i use heavy duty aluminum foil. more manipulative, and easier to use and remove.
kgoll ajmontag2 years ago
Would aluminum tape work?
ajmontag kgoll2 years ago
Probably. However, the foil gets charred, and its nice to remove it after each use to use new foil. You may not be able to remove the tape. Also the adhesive may melt.