Step 7: Now for the real thing

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The best thing to ingest before attempting this is charcoal tablets bought at a pharmacy, they prevent the fuel from being absorbed into your system if you accidentally swallow any. Before you put anything in your mouth have the light torch and a wet towel close by. (Use the wet towel to wipe your mouth off after each time so no excess kerosene builds up on your face and ignites, that would be bad) The most important thing to remember the first time is to start small and work your way up. Its hard (not impossible) to burn yourself with just a quarter of a tablespoon of kerosene in your mouth, so make sure you start off with a small amount.
When you feel you are ready take a small sip of the kerosene, close your lips, and hold it in your mouth. Pick up the torch in one hand and the wet towel in the other. Hold the torch slightly closer then arm fully extended. (Make sure you are facing the direction the wind is blowing) Take a big breath in through your nose and with your head tilted slightly upward spray the kerosene out over the flame. When there is no kerosene left in your mouth quickly wipe around your mouth with the wet towel.
Now for an explanation for some of this. The reason you want to hold the torch far away from your face is so you can avoid a blowback. A blowback is when the flame travels along the stream reaching your mouth and burning your face. Blowbacks can be avoided in three easy ways
1. Never overfill your mouth with kerosene (If your lungs run out of capacity before your mouth is empty the flame will travel back into your face, if you feel this is about to happen the best thing to do is to quickly open your lips and spit out the remaining liquid, and bring the wet towel infront of your face to protect from any flames)
2. Always keep the torch a safe (at least 2 feet) distance from your face. (As you can see in the photos the flame traveled towards my mouth from the torch, but I ran out of kerosene before it hit my face)
3. Always spray as fast as possible, this will make it harder for the flame to reach your face.

Some basic rules:
1. Never play dragon and set anyone on fire
2. Never do it in an area with anything flammable
3. Make sure there is nothing ahead of you for at least 25 feet and nothing above you for 20
4. Never do this indoors
5. Always have a fire extinguisher, bucket of water, and wet towel
6. Never do this under the influence of alchol or drugs, HOWEVER you can do this in the PRESENCE OF THOSE who are under their influence (Its a very easy way to entertain drunk people, but then again what isnt)
Again heres the link to the videos of me breathing fire http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2276917600442809328
Am-Nuel5 years ago
do not use alcohol!!!!! its not working! never use it. it'll burn your mouth.  using kerosene and gasoline is common in my place (indonesia) for fire breathing. my friends use it all the time. but alcohol? please dont.
thedog4587 years ago
this is ok but i would never put kerosene in my mouth what else can u use for fuel?
Tiki torch fluid. the taste is not bad and its a nice bright orange. i'v swallowed some on accident and i was fine.
Dilute the kerosine with water.
just wondering, Where did you learn how to do this?? i think its really brilliant, i will most likely set my face on fire... but i wont hold it against you. :)
Rolla7 years ago

so what am i doing wrong? the flame isn't quite as big as in your video
Tetranitrate (author)  Rolla7 years ago
It is just a matter of adjusting your technique and the amount of kerosene you use. Small things, like the direction of the wind, will make a big difference.
do you think it could be from how much i press my lips together?
depayton7 years ago
Using petroleum based fluids in your mouth is crazy. You will die if you do this. We use a grain alcohol called "Everclear" which is combustible and safe to ingest if you accidentally swallow it. I can't believe there are people who are stupid enough to do this.
Grain alcohol is FAR too combustible for fire blowing. You'll change your tune when someone catches a bad draft the fumes ignite down there windpipe. Seen it happen. Interior 3rd degree burns are not a fun thing to watch. Kerosene (or better yet, liquid paraffin/pure lamp oil) only ignites when atomized and will only give you the runs if you swallow it.
grungehead9 years ago
correct me if im wrong but you said nothing remotely flammable around you , 20 feet infront or above you ; yet i see a clothesline above you and a nice wooden house... :|
Tetranitrate (author)  grungehead9 years ago
That is just the way the photo came out. The clothesline is a few feet behind my head and the house is 10 ft to my left. I also was paying attention to the direction of the wind. Im not sure if you can tell but in the first few times in the video I was facing the other direction, and the wind pulled it back towards me, so I changed direction.
Lol, I noticed that in the video. The way you changed direction after it blew back at you. Also you are very lucky, in the third picture on this step those flames came very close to your face. Oh yeah and you mentioned in the intro you like being told how crazy you are, well I'm not going to get over the fact that you make touch powder anytime soon. I know of a person who blew off a hand doing that and ever since it has always seemed too risky for me. Lol, thanks for the instructable it was very good.
quent7 years ago
What could be a more healtier alternative than kerosene? like alcohol or somethin, everclear sounds pretty good, anything else?
the only thing i wan t to know is how bad kerosene tastes
--Thatguy--8 years ago
i couldnt help but say that wtf r u thinking? telling people to put kerosene in their mouths??? the fumes damage your brain worse than a cigarrette. try mixing it with water just enough so its still flammable, im a firetwirler and i know firebreathers, they never use kerosene, anyways, the last pic is completely awesome
16bit8 years ago
That last picture of yours is probably the most buetiful thing i have ever seen...
Tetranitrate (author)  16bit8 years ago
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Aidan0612808 years ago
Hey man, your video is fantastic. I do a bit of fire breathing, i'm no expert though. Can you give me any tips on your technique. I mean how do you make a fire ball float away at the end. Do you just blow for all your worth? Aidan Ireland.
RVAkid9 years ago
beards can be very hazardous when breathing fire. One must be extremely cautious, your beard will catch fire if you get the flame too close.