Step 8: Oh and I almost forgot

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To easily transport the kerosene I recommend using a clear plastic waterbottle, with the lable removed, and "do not drink" clearly printed on the side.

Oh and something to watch out for on your torch, if the wood underneath the wick starts to shrink that means that the wood is being burned when your torch is light. If the damage isnt too great, you could try to repair it by removing the wick and adding another can and some more aluminum foil. However, if it has already gotten as bad as it is in the photo, there is a risk of it breaking off and that would be really bad, so it would be best to just remove the wick and use it on a new handle.

Random note #1: Of the 100+ times ive done this ive only burned myself twice, both minor burns just on my lips, the first one I overfilled my mouth, and the second one I didnt have enough air in my lungs to push all the kerosene out of my mouth.

Random note #2: After your done firebreathing you will want to get the taste of kerosene out of your mouth, I suggest any type of mint, however you do not want to use gum because the small amount of residual kerosene in you mouth will dissolve the gum and you will be left with a big mouth of goo (Go ahead and try it, its actually kind of weird)
AjWasHere5 years ago
Altormer is correct. Kerosene, along with most similar chemicals, can and will melt through most standard plastics. Keep it in the jug it came in.
An Villain5 years ago
Rock n roll- fire control!! Wheeeeeeeee!!
Were I'm from fire is illeagal with in the city limits without a permit check at city hall or on the inernet.
Rolla7 years ago
so just how illegal is this? can you legally do it on your own property? how about a park? in the street late at night? is there a permit required to do this? if so how old do you have to be to get the permit? thank you for your time!
Rishnai Rolla7 years ago
Really, the question is how likely are your neighbors to call the cops? My neighbors would be at the fence with a camera and their kids saying "Oh look, the neighbor man's finally lost it! Stay back. Mijo, go get a fire extinguisher in case the wind shifts." If you do it in a park the cop might try to ticket you for open burning without a permit, reckless endangerment, or any other violation which tries to make stupidity a crime. I've had cops take model rockets before just to be assholes, and I've had cops tell me to take my potato cannon out to state land where only cows are around so I don't get a ticket for the noise. If you do it in the street you'll probably end up on the news even if it's not illegal. But no, you probably won't get arrested unless you live somewhere really uptight or do it near trees. And the fines around here aren't that high, so I'd just try it and see who stops me.
Rolla Rishnai7 years ago
Well I live in Fort Collins, Colorado so yes, everyone here is pretty badly stuck up
pyro13 Rolla7 years ago
I live in Longmont, Colorado, and my neighbors called the cops on me. turns out its not illegal, but they made me stop because they were :concerned for my safety. *sigh* people these days
Rishnai Rolla7 years ago
Ouch, man. I've done some stuff there. Here in Denver, if you do anything pyro-like downtown, the cops are all over you, but if you go out to the suburbs, you're okay, probably. Last I met them the Fort Collins cops wouldn't have arrested me for this, but maybe stay on private property just to be safe. Maybe way out east on county road 14 if you feel the compulsion to do it somewhere else. Last I saw, that was pretty deserted.
Rolla Rishnai7 years ago
Still is pretty deserted, only farm land and field, but that is A WAYS AWAY from where i live, I'm over by Fort Collins High School
Rishnai Rolla7 years ago
Ah. The old distance issue. Well good luck with your firebreathing experiments, wherever you try 'em!
snipegoat8 years ago
the kinda thing happens if you eat saltienes and gum
the best thing to carry fuel in is MSR containers which can be purchased at any camping supply place
Altromer5218 years ago
I would recommend keeping the fuel in something like glass or metal, if for some reason the fuel is ignited it will melt threw a plastic container and go all over the floor (I've herd stories about this), I would for sure keep it in a glass or metal container while breathing anywhere near it. I do like how you mentioned labeling the container, that is very important. Also wire coat hangers, or metal shishkabob scewers work great for the torches, then you won't have to worry about wood getting burned and whatnot, it also seem to me that they are much easier to make, just wrap your wick around it sew it, and bend the end up to ensure the wick wont fly off while preforming.(I can post a pic of it if you'd like.
tahra5139 years ago
I have 5 guys from a renaissance faire i work at teaching me how to breathe fire and they use Nalgene bottles to transport their liquid. Nalgene bottles have leak proof screw top lids and if you also juggle fire the mouth of them is large enough to dip the tips of your torches in.