video Torn Face For Halloween - Cheap'n'Easy
Although I usually make stuff for TV shows and movies, I wanted to do some simple stuff which can easily be done at home.  

I couldn't get the embed code to upload the video so here is the direct YouTube link: 

This makeup uses simple materials and is designed to be cheap and relatively easy to do.

Halloween, Zombie walks, parties and just plain silliness sometimes require an extensive makeup which doesn’t cost a lot of money – something more than paint, powder and pus but which does not require a Hollywood FX studio either. Hopefully, this will bridge the gap.

Check out my blog and the free 7 part mini ecourse if you like this kind of thing and want to find out more about makeup effects and prosthetics.

If you have any questions or want more info, please email me direct : mail@learnprostheticmakeup.com



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Botanikas3 years ago
I I would live in a country there halloween is celebrated I would make Gus Fring from Breaking Bad costume using this instructable. That would be bad-ass :)