Step 10:

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LED circuit.jpg
Now to prepare the stand for the tornado machine.

16.  If you are lucky like me and kept the container we used for the impeller it will make a great stand.  As long as the opening of the HDPE container is large enough that your jar lid can fit in it.  The added bonus of using this plastic container as the base is, if the "TORNADO MACHINE" ever leaks, it will go right into the plastic container and won't make a mess. -see images.

17.  (OPTIONAL) Hook up the LEDs as shown in the image.  and hot glue in place.   

18.  Take the negative wire from your LEDs and run it to the - or negative of your motor.  Take the positive wire from your LEDs and run it to the + of your motor.  (most motors don't care about polarity, where the + and - go, but mine had a capacitor on it which does care about polarity so I obeyed the law.) Be sure to run the wires from the LEDs out the top of the container to the motor that way when you go to set the jar on top of the HDPE container the wires won't be in the way.

PRO TIP:  To find the correct resistor for your LEDs.  Take the number of LEDs you will be using multiply that number by 2.5  and subtract that total from the voltage of your power supply.   Now take the total and divide by .02    This will be the smallest size resistor that you should use for your LEDS.  
SO if you are using 2 LEDs like me.  2*2.5 = 5    
Now I subtract 5 from my power supply voltage of 12.  12 - 5 equals 7.
Now take 7 and divide by .02     7/.02 = 350    
SO 350 ohms is the smallest resistor I should use.  
I used a 470 ohm resistor just to play it safe.   HOPE THIS HELPS!  IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS DON'T HESITATE TO ASK.