Step 11: Where to go from here.

Do you have questions, comments, improvements?  Let me know in the comments below.

I was thinking about where the tornado machine should go from here.  I have yet to design a  tornado machine 2.0 but if I do I would like some of the following.

-RGB LEDs and a micro-controller to choose precise colors for every occasion.
-Larger components.  Powerful, high speed motor and custom laser cut impeller.
-Better looking base/housing.  Probably made from clear lexan. Because I am familiar with shaping and molding this material.
-Micro-controller programmed to vary the "weather".  Could be set up to vary the speed of the motor quite easily by using a high power transistor and a bit of code.

These are just some of the improvements I thought of, let me know what you build or come up with.

I am currentely in 9 standard and this seems some thing tough for me

NinjaMidget2 years ago
I think this would look cool if you used UV leds and a UV liquid that is easily made by following this instructable:


What could be more fun than a glowing tornado?
WriterChick2 years ago
This is lovely, complex and well-detailed 'ible. Thanks for sharing, and congratulations on breaking the "no documentation" jinx!