Toro Stone Lantern Solar Garden Lamp Conversion / Hack

Picture of Toro Stone Lantern Solar Garden Lamp Conversion / Hack
Add a little light by combining a solar powered  LED  to your traditional Japanese Toro Stone Lantern. I found this lantern while clearing some overgrown shrubs in my back yard. I decided it would make a perfect day and night feature to the end of my deck.

Now it's set up by my bedroom window and it stays on all night providing a focal point at the end of my deck during the day, and a warm glow all night long. At least I think it stays on all night although it is off in the morning when the sun comes up... I've offered to set the alarm for 3:00 am so my girlfriend can confirm it doesn't go out, however she isn't inclined to do me this favor.

I had a good time doing this Instructable. I hope you do too!
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Step 1: Gather Tools and Supplies

Picture of Gather Tools and Supplies
For this project, you will need the stone lantern, or any other garden ornament you want to light. You will also need:

A solar operated garden light. I chose this one because it had a real glass shade and fit the inside of my stone lantern well. This was on sale for $3.99 at my local hardware stores. I've seen others with a plastic shade for as little as $1.99

Low voltage stranded wire. A few feet. I had some speaker wire from some long gone speakers.

Heat Shrink tubing. Appropriately sized, about four inches. Electrical Tape may be substituted.

Lighter to shrink the heat shrink tubing

Wire cutter/stripper

Small Phillips head screwdriver

Soldering Pencil and electrical solder (optional, although a good idea)

Electrical tape (not shown)

Small nylon wire ties (not shown)

Step 2: Disasseble Solar Lamp

Picture of Disasseble Solar Lamp
No tools necessary for this step. The top of the lantern will be easily removable revealing the Light Emitting Diode. The peg for standing the lamp in the ground is not necessary. Save it for some other project. Put the lamp shade aside for now.
tobawolf2 years ago
I can't figure out how the light can strike the solar cells to charge the battery, if the top covers the solar cell assembly.
lettersman (author)  tobawolf2 years ago
The solar cell is removed from the light. That's what the longer wire is for.
I'm going to make one with two battery circuits for dual led brightness, using more solar cells as needed.
lettersman (author)  tobawolf2 years ago
Good idea!
lettersman (author) 2 years ago
Thanks Jessyratfink!
It looks great. Very smart idea. :D