Introduction: Torrent Downloading 101 - a Guide to VPN and Torrenting.

In this guide, I'll teach you how to use a VPN for securely downloading torrents and general web browsing, using a public wifi, and using geo-locked/restricted services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Facebook, Songza and all the other great sites you can't use away from the USA.

Step 1: GET a VPN!

If you don't know what a VPN is, here's the wikipedia page to explain what a VPN is, let's skip forward and get to choosing one. I've used a handful of them over the years and found certain criteria that is a must and I'll tell you my favourite which checks all the rights boxes: Private Internet Access

PIA is my favourite for a few reasons:

1. Security - No logs, which mean no one can ever trace back my internet activity to my IP.

2. Speed - They have servers all over the world, which means you can always get a decent speed.

3. Interface - They have a no-nonsense interface for the Mac OS X, Windows PC, iOS, Android & Linux. This makes using the service easy!

Use a VPN for Geo-restricted sites, Facebook, netflix, etc. Use it on Public Wifi to stop data thieves and also use it for Torrent downloading to stop your ISP or copyright infringement agencies from seeing what your network activities are. That being said, please use it responsibility and don't engage in illegal activities. Laws vary, please check your local laws.

Step 2: Get a Torrent Client

There's something for everyone, I prefer Transmission. It's lightweight, which means it doesn't slow down your computer and it has a beautifully easy-to-use interface.

After you've downloaded your client here's a step I recommend taking.

1. Open your VPN app.

2. Enable VPN KILL SWITCH, which will disable your internet connection if the VPN is turned off. This will prevent your Torrents downloading on an unsecured connection. On PIA, you can find this option under advance setup.

3. Enable Port Forwarding

4. Turn On your VPN. If you scroll over the icon in PIA app, you've see which server you're connected to and get a port address as well.

5. Open Transmission, settings, network and enter the port number there. Your Torrents will work smoothly now.

Step 3: Finding Your Torrents

There's many site out there. Think PirateBay!


1. Torrentz,eu - It's like the google of torrents, it indexes other sites and provides link.

2. ShowRSS - Since EZTV has gone into strangers hands, this site is getting a lot of traction as an effective way to track your shows.

Once you found your torrent file, using the Magnet links is an easy way to add them to your BitTorrent Client (Transmission) and get them started.

Remember, VPN Kill Switch, Port Forwarding and Netherlands servers on your VPN.

Happy Browsing.


CaptanH (author)2017-03-04

VPN for torrenting helps you avoid getting caught while you download torrent files. These VPN will ensure high speed download so that your torrent download becomes blazing fast.

You can avoid getting caught by using secure VPN for Torrenting

Downloading torrent files require a connection between your computer to other peers and it is very easy to track your IP while you download torrent files. Your ISP may track down your torrent activity if you don’t use VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Not all VPNs support torrent download. So here we present to you 5 best VPN for torrent and P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing support. These torrent VPN will help you to avoid getting notice from ISP and Govt.

Some ISP throttle your bandwidth if you download torrent files hence you need to use VPN so that your torrent traffic gets encrypted and your ISP won’t be able to detect whether you are downloading torrents or not. VPN is a private network that creates a tunnel in your public network and sends the data packets securely

AliceJ20 (author)2016-11-28

Hey great guide, I would like to suggest few more best VPN for torrenting.

albertcostilano (author)2016-07-29

Usually, users get caught by ISP while downloading the torrent from sites like pirate bay and kickass this creates a huge problem because ISP's sent notice of cyber law violation which can be a fine or other legal actions. Torrenting has increased not in any specific country but in the whole world and every country is trying to make new laws to restrict or caught torrent users but nothing is working in their favor. People are using best VPN for torrenting and P2P File Sharing which gives secure protocols for downloading anonymously. VPN also works for different purposes like access geo-restricted content, access streaming channels and traveling etc.