I recently saw a TV show about the most american activity ever invented ; "Punkin Chunkin." One category on it was torsion powered catapults. (some others were human powered, air cannons, centrifugal force, and so on.) I used a 2x4 for the base, and small bits of wood that the rubber bands attached to, with the help of screws. I twist the pvc around and around, then I aim it and let it go. The extra pvc pipe you see is just to stop the shaft of the catapult from hitting the ground. It fires about 15-20 feet.
I am going to make one of my large trebuchet soon.
Did you fix it
still working on that.
i find it hard to believe that you are working on that at the same time as commenting in ibles
It's getting closer.
Bungee cords work better than the rubber bands on the catapults.
I hadn't taken pictures of the bungee cord one I made

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