Tortilla Noodles in 20 Minutes





Introduction: Tortilla Noodles in 20 Minutes

-Have many left over tortillas at home and want to make a meal? Here comes spicy tortilla noodles prepared in just 20 minutes.

Ingredients :

-tortillas 3 to 4

-Finely sliced cabbage,capsicum,carrot

-1 sliced onion


-pepper or green chillies

-soya sauce

-tomato sauce

-chilli sauce


-olive oil or any vegetable oil

Step 1: Preparing Noodles:

-Take the tortilla and roll it and cut in to slices.

-we get thin strips which are further used as tortilla noodles.

Step 2: Procedure:

-Take a wide pan and add oil to it.

-When the oil is heated add onions ,green chilli,garlic and saute for few minutes

-Add finely sliced veggies and cook for few more minutes

Step 3: Adding Spices and Sauce:

- Next step is to add pepper .

-Then add a tbsp of tomato sauce,soya sauce and chilli sauce and give a mix.

-Add salt and mix properly.

Step 4: Final Step:

-Last step is to add prepared tortilla noodles.

-Mix the noodles so that it gets blended with the sauce and spices.

-wait for few minutes and serve hot with tomato sauce.



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would love yo try this but have not been able to find Non GMO tortillas.

hi torchburner. if you'r specifically concerned about non GMO tortillas its better you prepare tortillas at home. Mine which i used are can prepare by mixing flour,water, baking powder and salt. U can check many links in the net for recepie.