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Introduction: Tortoise Coffee Table Habitat

We got a small tortoise a few weeks ago and we had it in a small fish tank. We were looking for a way to give her more room but we live in a small apartment so we decided to make the habitat right under the coffee table that we already had.

Step 1: Cover the Bottom

I used some wood from pallets that I had laying around....

Step 2: Holes for Air

Make a few holes for airflow...

Step 3: Cover and Fill

Cover with plastic and fill in with whatever your tortoise needs...

Step 4: Put the Glass Back

I will change this to Plexiglas and drill a few holes for opening the top for food or cleaning... 

Step 5: Publish on Instructables



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    Cool habitat! My only suggestion is maybe to make it look a bit more natural. When I mean that I mean that the painted rocks that are in there I dont think go good with the rest of the theme you have set up in its habitat. But I like the coffee table idea ALOT! :D

    This is pretty cool for babies. Its good you have a lamp. I have seen to many torts not taken care of just because people don't know how to take care of them. Good Job!

    Also we are building from scratch. And we are changing things up. But this is brilliant.

    This is awesome. I'm taking you're idea and running with it. We are going to install he lights in the table. I'm concerned with the heat issue. Did you ever put your lights in your table ? If so how's your heat?

    Created an account just to say, awesome job. As for all of the odd questions- humans are most susceptible to poor living environments, by simply housing the tortoise indoors, lighting, heat air quality are all more than acceptable. The only concern I would have, which I'm confident the builder would have knowledge of, is if this tortoise digs to hibernate or lay eggs as my desert tortoises did, if the substrate is deep enough. I would pay big$$ to have one of these built.


    i don't think the turtle will enjoy the new enviroment...

    What kind of tortoise do you have?

    What about light and heat sources?

    We have a lamp but it's not in the pictures because I'm working on making something inside the table as well... (The lamp it's not so pretty) But don't worry she is well taken care for!