Step 8: Building the Cooling System

I have considdered the use of silver for parts of the cooling loop, but at over £500 per kilo, it is a little out of budget, seeing as a tube of top quality thermal grease would be a better investment, seeing as copper is pretty close in terms of thermal conductivity.

I currently have my eye on a 6" x 1' bit of solid copper bar from which to machine most of the system, although aluminium sheet seems a more practical material for the top half of the waterblocks.

Looking at all the stuff that needs cooling, this will need a pretty epic pump to get it all working. most of the watercooling pumps for desktops seem to be about 30-40 watts @ 12v, so a brushless motor out of a VCR should give enough power to haul all that water around, while being thin enough to fit. (Actually, while thin enough to fit, it is over 3" in diameter with a very large magnet. I have extracteded another brushless motor out of a DVD drive, which should have a reasonable amount of power, providing the circuit id kept simple.
this seems like quite the endeavor, i had always thought that leds, better speakers and quieter fans were laptop mods, this totally disproves that theory. <br> <br>i hope you finish this, it looks like it would be pretty epic! <br>and heres just a word of thought, for that water coouling radiator, im sure that if you made it the size of the old heatsink+fan, that would be able to disperse a lot of heat, and maybe instead of having no seakers you could move them up inotnthe top half, if they are too big,get some thin ones from a old laptop, i know acers have pretty thin speakers. <br> <br>even slapping in a 1.9GHz cpu could improve performance, and witht hat you could also get a few more GHz out of overclocking.
Thanks for the feedback!<br><br>The current heatsink design i'm working on is a rather large slab of copper or aluminium, so the passive cooling alone would take away a lot of the heat.<br><br>As for the speakers, the right hand one should be able to stay.<br><br>I do actually have a set of speakers out of an acer, and they look pretty small. I might put the bass speaker in anyway to give it a bit of a kick.<br><br>I'm going to keep the current i7 in it, as the 8 threads are useful for running multiple heavy programs, such as playing a game while rendering video.
<p>Are you converting this to a desktop or just boosting the laptop with better architecture?</p>
you are one brave dude for trying to overclock a laptop! <br>i really hope it works out!
I hope it works too.<br><br>The overclock will be the final part of the project, as the cooling needs to be fixed for the standard speed.
ive been reading this again, and i was thinking about that radiator you were talking about.<br><br>first off im gonna say that the fan does get intake, ts most likely from by the cover and the edge of the keyboard, which is still pretty unsatisfactory.<br><br>that radiator could be put in the cd drive bay, and maybe you coul use the original fan to blow cool aire over the radiator and out the edge of the laptop, and then use the original fan's spot for the water pump.<br>assuming the water pump is small enough to fit there, you could even keep the speakers where they are.<br><br>i suggest figuring out some form of cooling for the ram too, it can get pretty hot in performance heavy situations.<br><br>if you know of any really small blower fans, i would be interested in those, my gateway might not run as hot since i installed 64-bit (which is strange) but i plan to upgrade and fans are a must in my case.
I've got a second HDD in the CD bay now, so the rad can't go there, but there looks like there is enough room for a small one where the old heatsink is.<br><br>The overclocking bit is on hold at the moment, until the datasheets for the clock generator are released, as it is on-board so can't even be done with a pin mod.<br><br>The smallest fans I've seen are about 30-40mm, so still a little large for most laptops.
Also. , how can i overclock the cpu.<br>As the bios is locked.<br>
<p>You would need to mod the bios which is not for the amateur as you could &quot;brick&quot; your laptop, rendering it useless and unbootable. The motherboard controls everything so you must control the motherboard. The bios needs to be flashed, while doing this you must be careful as if done wrong will cause your computer also to be bricked, it's not just the software that needs to be gotten right. Go to https://www.bios-mods.com/ and post to get your bios modded or search for it if it is already done.</p>
Hi i have the exact same laptop , and have been noticing the coolingis rubbish , is there anyway i can improve this as an amateur.<br><br>
<p>Apply a nice thermal paste such as Artic Silver. My laptop used to be hot and dropped about 5 Celsius after replacing the thermal paste. The one provided by the manufacture is terrible. Fans in laptops are bad in general but un-upgradable sadly. Get a desktop (tower) if you want true performance.</p>
also i have this laptop, and i have the exactly same problem... any suggestion?
<p>Apply a nice thermal paste such as Artic Silver. My laptop used to be hot and dropped about 5 Celsius after replacing the thermal paste. The one provided by the manufacture is terrible. Fans in laptops are bad in general but un-upgradable sadly. Get a desktop (tower) if you want true performance.</p>
Water cooling is not always the best option... If you have to transport the laptop what will you do? By the what if the you meant that the pc it's gonna always stay at your home you can do it (sorry for my bad english but i'm italian)
Excellent Idea, No one has ventured into Modding and Custom fab cooling for Laptops. I'm tuned, Please keep it up! <br>We can discuss and learn a lot from each other;Feel free to drop in.
with the spare pci slot, that would have been insane to add a second gpu XD but itll be impossible cus there arent any sold unless you got one from a d.o.a laptop.
I had considered that, but at this point there are no mini pci graphics cards available, and I don't really need any more from the GPU, overclocking it is just a technical exercise (It works suprisingly well already, and can handle anything except crysis 2).<br><br>Should have an update soon, as the new parts are being delivered this week, and I have some free time to start on designing the new cooling.

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