Step 4: Final Step: the Finetuning

as for one reason I can't seem to add those little yellow blocks on my pictures so I'll have to write it here

on pic 1 if you see those gaps across your plane you'll need to mess a little with the outer wings so those gaps are gone cause those make your plane crash instead of gliding.

also on pic 1 if at the end your wing are like this --_ you'll again need to mess a little with it otherwise the plane will not stop spinning

on pic 2 u see that at the end of the plane u have a kind of u form you'll have to check those gaps at the middle of the plane and again mess a little with those to make the wings go completly straight
nice plane
That's pretty cool! I like your room. But nice job, it looks like a really good glider, definitely want to make this and throw it off my roof. Great job!
<sub>By the way, in the video, you had to print out the Toss It! paper thing.</sub><br/>
ah ok i'll but that on my next video
It has very consistent wall smashing abilities. Can it fly any different direction, like right? Other than that, nice simple design, +1

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