Picture of Totally Awesome Paper Airplane
How to build a paper airplane that can really soar, look cool, and impress!!!

Step 1: Foreword + Printout Guide

Picture of Foreword + Printout Guide
Paper Airplane decals.jpg
Welcome to my first Toss-It entry and my first instructable. I did not create this airplane but rather learned it from someone else. However i think this is a great airplane and the Instructable community needs to know about it. I did make the guide and decal sheet.

If you think you may need help deciding where to fold, print out the guide. it is exactly 11" by 8.5".

Print Guide Note : If you cannot print it borderless than format the margin in paint to match your printer margin. For instance my printer prints with a top margin of .12, so since there are 72 pixels per inch and .12 of 72 is 9, subtract 9 pixels from the top and 18 from the bottom. My left margin is .25, so i subtract 18 from the left and 32 from the right. Print Guide Download Link

If you want a cool plane like the one in the intro, print out the decal sheet, it to is exactly 11" by 8.5".

Before you build it here is a small video of some test flights with the second or third one i made.

I have no printer but it`s cool 4 1/2**** in a half
I learned this back in the 80's from a Korean student. I seemed to be the only other one to know anything about the "bird." Glad to see I'm NOT the only one keeping this alive! Thanks for the variation(s).
remove tail
helioforge5 years ago
Remove the "tail" and do one more step...  ...it involves folding and tucking...
  used to win the university distance compo- in a narrow corridor (65 feet), and was in high school at the time, rofl :")

never saw this with the tail before...
Jahoovi7 years ago
Taiku (author)  Jahoovi7 years ago
I have never claimed that I invented the airplane (even said that in step 1), plus i dont believe they even own the copyright and someone else already left a picture from their website in the comments. Plus, their instructions are hard(er) to follow.
Jahoovi Taiku7 years ago
k im too lazy to read XD
wooow dude ur frikin retarted but funny (-)
Taiku (author)  Jahoovi7 years ago
psh....easy...i've seen better airplanes.....but if you learn something new... don't hesitate to post it :P
foxtrot46976 years ago
i hate that this plane has been made ton and tos of times on this site
looks great!!!
neilmandude7 years ago
I'm gonna make a whole fleet of these planes!!! mine works very well without the tail but in inscructables!!!! keep up the GREAT WORK!
cool im gonna make this
chris74477 years ago
is there a way it can do stunts please reply
legoman7 years ago
you can pull the bottom of those things out four landing gear
gmjhowe7 years ago
Clear pictures, and instructions, Great looking plane, (i like wyrd looking ones) I suggest providing a download link for the template maybe?
Taiku (author)  gmjhowe7 years ago
Thanks for the suggestion, i added a direct link to the instructables image.
Nice job! I like the design with the Instructables Robot (as I did), it looks cool. Nice job once again, this plane looks like an awesome glider, will have to try this out. +1 vote.
Dang. I tried voting, but it's not letting me. Sorry. =/
maybe you already voted for another contest participant, to vote for this one you'll need to find the other you voted and click unvote.
hutt7 years ago
Man that's a really nice paperplane! i picked this one to vote for the contest! ill try to make one and throw from my apartment window to see how far it goes! hahahah
Gnome7 years ago
This is the plane I always do, it flies really well!