Fresh Fruit Three Tier Wedding Cake

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Picture of Fresh Fruit Three Tier Wedding Cake
This Instructable will teach you how to make a three tier wedding cake out of fruit, for around $50.

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Step 1: Fruit Needed

Picture of Fruit Needed
2 seedless watermelon's
2 cantaloupe
2 honeydew
1 pineapple
1 lb. red grapes
1lb. green grapes
5-10 strawberries

Step 2: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
All of these materials can be found at your local craft store for under $25.

(1) large plastic tray (for the base)
(1)  3' long by 2' wide and 2" thick piece of styrofoam
(8) plastic wedding cake pillars (whatever size you prefer we used 4- 5" and 4- 3" pillars)
(2) packs of wooden craft sticks (about 800)
(8) flower spikes (big enough to fit inside of pillars)
(1) melon baler
hot glue gun and glue sticks
cookie cutters of your choice
cake topper

Step 3: Getting Started

Picture of Getting Started

Step 1: Cut 3 different sized circles out of foam board. (1 large, 1 medium, 1 small). stack pieces to insure correct fit and placement. (trim if necessary)

Step 2: Glue large styrofoam piece onto plastic tray

Step 3: Glue flower spikes to the inside of 5" pillars (Spike down)

Step 4: Insert pillars into large styrofoam circle in a square pattern


Step 4: Adding the Fruit

Picture of Adding the Fruit
Step 1: Cut watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew in half and begin to ball all melons

Step 2: Starting from the center of your first tier insert craft sticks, and place fruit on top in desired pattern, work your way to the edge and then down the side.

Step 3: Continue until the entire styrofoam is covered with fruit in desired pattern.

Step 5: Installing Second Tier

Picture of Installing Second Tier

Step 1: Install tier 2 on top of 5" pillars

Step 2: to ensure proper alignment, push firmly onto the top of 5" pillars to make an indentation into the foam to maintain accurate placement.

Step 3: remove tier 2, add hot glue to top of pillars and reinstall second tier


kitsy14 years ago
This cake not only looks great but taste great too! The fruit stays very fresh.
This is an amazing cake, and in the struggle to convert to healthier options....what a better way to do so, than a bright vibrant deliciously sweet cake made of fresh fruit! Should win, hands down.


Kitten401 year ago
Awesome so beautiful...Thank you so much for sharing this
I love the fruit three wedding teir cake I am cater and a party planning I would like to learn how to start making them
kmc5124 years ago
I don't know if the weight would make the cake too unstable, but do you think it would be possible to use watermelon instead of styrofoam to attach all the fruit to? Then you could cut the "cake" in slice and serve normally.
That is an awesome idea!
sickk :D
totally awesomee
happyjo4 years ago
This is so beautiful!
How do you serve it?
jtmjr (author)  supersoftdrink4 years ago
Its Self serve, we just placed some bowls next to it and let people dig in.
the pieces are easily pulled off with a fork
Cool. Well, good instructable. Have you noticed that the vast majority of people commenting on this instructable have no profile picture, no instructables of their own, and have JUST joined instructables at the end of this very month?

Man... what a crazy coincidence.
jtmjr (author)  supersoftdrink4 years ago
its no coincidence they are friends who enjoy my creations and wanted to join the instructables community because they wanted to support my project in the wedding contest :)
that is sooo nice
jellykelly4 years ago
that is so cool can u make me one for my wedding i am too lazy
shainashore4 years ago
total awsomeness
jimshore4 years ago
great idea nice instructable
best cake ever!!!
qemahaff4 years ago
this cake was/is awesome too! should def. win!
mllr88224 years ago
This cake looks awesome, should win hands down!!!!!!
eunju4 years ago
I'd like some fresh pineapple juice. :D
deemmaq4 years ago
popko784 years ago