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Nothing says retro like a tie dyed t-shirt, and they are super fun to make. You can do them individually, as a class activity, or for a fun sleep-over activity. There are so many options with color and patterns. We used 3 easy styles, which we'll demonstrate. We also tried both wet shirts and dry shirts. You'll see the difference in the amount of color on each. If you want more white to show, use a dry shirt. If you want more color, wet the shirt up with a spray bottle first. Both look super groovy. It's just a matter of taste. Go nuts and have fun. Can you dig it?

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Picture of Gather Your Supplies
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Simple enough. Get a tie die kit, some t-shirts (pre washed), a cheap plastic table cover, and maybe some rockin tunes to bring you back to the days of bellbottoms and peace signs. Have some plastic bags handy too, to store them in when you're done dyeing. The plastic grocery bags are just fine. We used gallon sized storage bags, so everyone could write their name on the one their shirt was in. *Your kit should have bottles, color packets, rubber bands, and gloves.
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Totally groovy! :)
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Thank you! Peace!
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Far out!
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Nice. now we just need a recipe for home made dye...
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Hmmm. Great idea. Thanks.
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