Tote Shelves





Introduction: Tote Shelves

For my eagle project I built these cubbies fit for 18 gallon totes for a clothing bank so the totes containing out of season clothing weren't stacked dangerously on top of one another. This is what I came up with

Step 1: Cutting

I used an 8 inch table saw to cut all my wood, all you need is several 2x4's. mine stood 7.5 feet tall and could fit 4 totes high. Just remember however many totes you want it to be wide, add an extra support at the end. So if I wanted it 4 high and 3 wide, I would need: 12 7.5ft 2x4's 8 48 in. 2x4's 16 21' pieces.

Step 2: Put Together

Or don't have to stain, it jut looks better! you place the first 21in board 18 inches off the ground and the next 21in 19.5 inches up ect. You should make something that looks like this

Step 3: Assemble

You may need more than one set of hands for this...what I did was put pieces of scrap that were the exact length(the bright yellow) boards for the perfect spacing every time. I used 2.5 inch screws for this assembly. Enjoy!!



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    I've been planning to do something a bit like this with those cardboard boxes you can get for free from the supermarket. I ike the way you have done with a series of uprights almost like tressles, this could be made very easy to take apart if you want to shrink your storage occasionally.

    I've always thought they should sell some sort of shelf system with those big plastic totes. Once you stack a few up, it becomes very hard to get to the one on the bottom, and that's always the one you need!

    Oh how cool! I need this in my basement!