Totem Pole From Recyclables





Introduction: Totem Pole From Recyclables

This is a great Family project for Spring or Summer.  Make this fun Totem Pole from discarded plastic containers and some paint.  It's a really colorful Garden project for the whole family.  Start saving all your empty plastic milk containers and large coffee containers.  It's even a fun project to display in the house, especially in a boy's room.

What You will Need:
  • Plastic Milk Cartons  and Coffee containers
  • * Do not use plastic soda or juice containers as the plastic is too hard to cut through to insert the pole.
  • Gesso paint
  • Acrylic paints/ brushes
  • Old broom pole or PVC pipe
  • Plastic placemat ($1 from Dollar stores)
  • Sharp knife - for adult use only
For complete directions, go to ZiggityZoom for this Totem Pole craft.



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    Seriously.....people like you are the reason why I am addicted to this site. Thanks so much for sharing this I can even wait to try this out myself!!!

    This so cool! I am making one or more as soon as I get the materials. I have a full size Tipi that needs this next to it. I thank you so much for the idea, and recycling is what I love!

    This looks like an awesome craft project for kids. Super creative.

    Thank you ... I'm new to this site ... I can't even find the Totem pole project??? Where did you see it?