Picture of Totoro Hat
Wearing it.JPG
Wearing it 2.JPG
Do you like Totoro? Now you can make a hat to look just like him! This is pretty easy to make, and it didn't take me very long at all.

Don't know who Totoro is? Check out this page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/My_Neighbor_Totoro I suggest you watch the movie sometime... It's pretty cute.
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Step 1: You Will Need:

Picture of You Will Need:
You Will Need:
  • A Sewing Machine - makes it much easier and faster, though it's not required.
  • About ½ Yard of Gray Fleece - or any other fabric that would work nice as a hat ;)
  • Black and White Scraps of Felt
  • Paper - tissue paper works well for this
  • Writing Utensil
  • Fabric Marker - really handy
  • Other various sewing supplies

Step 2: Cutting your Cloth

Picture of Cutting your Cloth
Cut Out.JPG
All the pieces.JPG
You'll need to cut four triangle-ish shaped pieces for the hat and four ears. Look at the pattern I made to see what they should look like.

The hat I made doesn't fit anyone else, so I probably have a smaller head, which means you'll have to make it a bit bigger. ;)

Step 3: Sewing the Ears

Picture of Sewing the Ears
Sew the ears together. Make sure that if you are doing a small seam allowance that you don't miss any of the cloth when doing the curvy parts.

Cut close to the stitching, (but not too close!) as this makes it easier to turn inside out.

Turn both of the ears right side out and set them aside for a minute.

Step 4: Sewing the Hat Base

Picture of Sewing the Hat Base
Both Halves.JPG
Right side out.JPG
Right Sides Together.JPG
Put the ears in.JPG
Ears In.JPG
Cut Excess.JPG
Sew two of the triangle pieces together, so that they only have sewing on one side. These will be the back and front halves of the hat.

Turn one of the halves right-side-out. Put the right-side-out one into the inside-out half, so that the right sides of the fabric are together. (See picture 4) Pin at the seam at the top.

Slip the ears in between the two halves about an inch from the center seam line. (See pictures 5 and 6). 

Sew the two halves together.  Your hat is forming!
NOODLE!2 years ago
......... sorry for the speechlessness, i was picking my jaw up of the floor. too much cuteness!
speltbaker3 years ago

we love totoro!
Mauigerbil4 years ago
I agree with happyjo! totoro is AWESOME!!!!!!
redpanda664 years ago
This was so fun and easy! I made it a bit too small but I force fitted it because it was so cute. Do you have any more projects?
Photo on 2011-05-29 at 19.19.jpg
pie popper (author)  redpanda664 years ago
Thanks for posting pictures!! It looks great, and now that you've made one hat, it will be much easier to make another! ;) I don't have much newer projects, but school will be done soon so that means more ibles! =)
Ronyon4 years ago
My 3 year old thinks as her self as the younger sister(May?),big brother is the medium sized "totoro",Mommy is THE "totoro", and me(Daddy) well I'm the CatBus...

Great unique idea, thank you for sharing!
juicymoose4 years ago
sooooooo cute!
I made one for my sister,
and around the bottom, I put a casing in a fun patterned fabric, so it was more of a finished look to it.
she loves it!
Oh my goodness, my kids would go NUTS if I made them this!!! Thanks!
josefu04 years ago
I want to make mine with his huge smile.
tarzioo4 years ago
i love it! great job!
Doofus894 years ago
=D <3
pie R []ed4 years ago
pie popper (author)  pie R []ed4 years ago
What?.....I can't see the characters you're typing.... :/
tonari no totoro ga dai suki
pie popper (author)  pie R []ed4 years ago
oh! Thanks! :)
mary candy4 years ago
I loved it.
capricorn4 years ago
My niece will love this :) Thank you for sharing :)
ChrysN4 years ago
Cute hat!
happyjo4 years ago
Totoro!!!!! I love him!!!! : )