video Totoro Pencil Case
Hi guys, let'smake a Totoro pencil case with a zipper!!!! I will have the pattern available on my facebook page. Enjoy!!!     :D

such a wonderful design

curly gurly27 days ago
Totoro!! Love it!!
windexlover1 month ago
Cute! I love totoro!
annielnb1 month ago
Sooo cute!
Luv2cook741 month ago

he's so cute!

sunshiine9 months ago

This is adorable! thanks so much for sharing your hard work and do have a happy day!


mclare509 months ago
This is adorable!!!
clarebubble10 months ago
oh it's so lovely!
Zabzab (author)  clarebubble9 months ago

Thanks a million ^_^

chocolatechip10 months ago

This is so cool! Nice work! I have watched all of the Studio Ghibli movies :)

Zabzab (author)  chocolatechip9 months ago

Thanks!!! I love Studio Ghibli movie ^_^