This instructable will show you how to make LEDs light up at your finger tips upon contact with a flat surface. You may choose to sew the components onto a glove to make an LED glove.

The main reason for this project is to interface it with a multitouch table setup without going through the hassle of setting up an Infrared light pane. (See NUI group for more information.) Essentially, to get a finger recognition software to detect the LED lights as fingertip inputs.


you can just build it for fun :)

Step 1: Materials & Tools

* 3v coin battery (I use model C2032)
* LEDs (Choose depending on application or personal preference)
* Resistors
* Acrylic
* Scrap plastic sheet (can be from packaging)
* Scrap aluminum sheets (can be from a softdrink can)
* A pair of earphones (preferably one you wouldn't miss)
* Conductive tape
* Wrist strap

* Soldering kit
* Rotary kit
* Digital Multimeter (Optional)
* Sand paper/bits
* Lighter
* Scissors
* Hot glue/glue
* Clear Tape
<p>I have made my own version:</p><p> <br></p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Fingertips/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Fingertips/</a></p>
Can someone please explain the process of assembling? <br>
is there a way to set this up with a stronger battery?
Great idea. Is just what I was looking for!!!<br><br>I'll try to use smaller battery in each finger to make it wireless and then try to make some IR led touch sensitive switch to be used with de Wee remote touch screen.<br><br>Do you think it can work??
that is pretty cool and simple I can't wait to try it<br>
It's like Mickael Jackson
Where it says Materials &amp; Tools what do you mean by LED's? <br>And, where do you buy them?<br>
http://lmgtfy.com/?q=What+are+%22LEDs%22%3F<br><br>You're welcome =)<br>
AH, thank you so much!<br>:DDDDDD
Lol no problem!
this site very best for stuff <br>
Very nice job ...The tip with the glove so simple but it makes it much easier to do the build
Am I the only one that saw this and thought of Minority Report?
The diagram looks kinda like veins. Great instructable by the way
I just had...THE greatest idea ever. You should interface it with the arduino so when you touch a specific finger, it plays a note as a beep! THAT WOULD BE THE SICKEST THING EVER!!!
I love the simplicity of Johnny Lee's multitouch using Wii but I haven't done too much research into it. Please let me know if anyone has a Wii setup running Flash programs. Or how it turns out if you use the 'glove' method and Wii together. Note: I've seen IR for the Wii method to be 940nm instead of 850nm. This could be good since you can get that from a remote control. Also my 850nm IR LEDs were a bit bright for my camera.
OOOh, <br>This reminded me of the glove the Goa'uld where in SG-1.
I googled 'Goa'uld' (I am more of a BSG fan :]) to be &quot;a parasitic alien race that use other beings as hosts&quot;. Thanks for mentioning it because their technologies are pretty awesome. See <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goa%27uld_technology_in_Stargate" rel="nofollow">here</a> and <a href="http://aac-rerc.psu.edu/wordpressmu/AT/2010/02/01/airmouse-lets-you-wear-it-like-a-glove-crave-cnet/" rel="nofollow">here</a>. I assume the glove you are talking about is called &quot;Kara kesh.&quot;
This mixed with this: http://johnnylee.net/projects/wii/<br><br>Would be amazing.
Great project!<br><br>I'm going to use just one, but put an IR LED on the &quot;Up&quot; side of the finger, then I can use this as an IR pen with my Wii Interactive Whiteboard system.
I like this idea!

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