Step 4: Arduino Housing

Next, I fixed up two wooden boxes to house the Arduino and the lights. For me, I bought wooden boxes the correct size to comfortably fit the Arduinos and made alterations. Some of which included replacing the previous lid for something I could put symbols in to, cutting out holes for the USB cable to connect to, making a way to get in and out of the sealed boxes in case I ever needed to make adjustments, and painting the boxes. 

To keep the glass in, I made grooves in some balsa wood, made a frame around a piece of glass (only 3 of the sides), and put little plastic stoppers on the other side so as to keep the glass in place, but that could be unscrewed if I ever needed to get inside the box.

The boxes need to be sturdy for travel. 

Around the outside of the boxes are two rows of copper wire. When a finger connects them, a signal for "button pushed" is sent and half of the lights come on on both boxes. 

The lights shine through the symbols "<3@---" on the lid of the boxes. This symbol has personal significance between my boyfriend and me from when he studied abroad for a quarter. It was fitting to include it in this piece. 
<p>I built something similar last week, and I saw yours in the related projects list, looks great!</p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/EmotionBox/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/EmotionBox/</a></p><p>You may want to have a look at the Photon board:</p><p><a href="https://www.particle.io/" rel="nofollow">https://www.particle.io/</a></p><p>Haven't used it yet, but seems like a good way to improve both our builds :)</p>
Have you tried this out? How fast did they light up on the other end, and did you ever coincide with each other? I would also like to do something like this but have it as a heart beat pulse in addition to your setup. Does pachube take a long time, and would it handle something like a hearbeat?<br><br>Thank you for your response, keep up the good work!
They light up with a short delay. It varies sometimes, but it ranges about 5 seconds. The reason is that Pachube has to go through this process of sending and receiving signals and the rate at which it sends a signal to check if the command is being sent is depended entirely on which level or subscription you have. I am not sure if it has changed since I made this, but the level of membership you would need to have signals fast enough to record every beat of a heart would be the highest level and costs the most. I wan't willing to pay what they were asking for me to do my project. <br><br>And, yes, the signals from sender and receiver were equally sent and received if I didn't send more signals to Pachube than my membership allowed.
Ok sweet, now i'm trying to think of some other sort of communication that doesnt need to be as quick, but still personal. I was thinking of making a gps compass, so when one person presses their button it points to the coordinates of the other box, along with lights like yours, and maybe a vibration motor to &quot;feel&quot; that connection on both ends.<br><br>Do you have any other ideas of what kinds of communication could be done through pachube? Maybe a physical Facebook &quot;Poke&quot; button.
keep it up
This fantastic project was made as part of the Tangible Interaction course in <a href="http://dms.du.edu">Digital Media Studie</a>s at the University of Denver.
Nice, maybe a bluetooth pendent hooked to your cell phone could get you a little closer without the need of a computer.
This is a really wonderful project!
Thank you!
I was a little disappointed when I found out that the pendents were not the actual ible... but still, very good job. although, if the pendents ever work out message me a link so i can make them :)
Oh definitely. Trust me, that is still my goal. I hope to make it work out eventually :)
Just to be sure, is it &quot;...communication between my necklace and my <u>boyfriend's</u>&quot; or &quot;<u>boyfriends</u>&quot;? &nbsp; ;-)<br> Anyway, nice idea!
Hahaha yeah definitely my &quot;boyfriend's.&quot; I don't think he would be too pleased with me otherwise :P.<br>And thank you! :)

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