If you've ever used an Xbox 360 slim you've probably noticed that the power button is touch sensitive.  All you have to do is tap the power button with your finger and the Xbox 360 powers up.  This instructable will show you how to give your Super Nintendo a touch sensitive power button.  This is a fun mod to make your Super Nintendo a little bit more futuristic.

Caution: I am not responsible for any damages resulting from this mod. This includes hurting yourself, damaging your Super Nintendo, Arduino, or anything else!

Step 1: The Parts

The parts you will need for this mod are:
1. An arduino (I used an arduino uno)
2. A relay switch with a 5V coil voltage (ouaz -ss-105d)
3. 1M ohm resistor
4. 1K ohm resistor
5. An NPN transistor (2N222)
6. A diode (I used 1N4148)
7. A small PCB
8. Aluminum foil and a paper clip
9. Wire that will play nicely with your arduino
10. A plastic bag

Additionally you should have access to a 4.5mm Nintendo security bit for opening your Super Nintendo, a phillips screwdriver, and a rotary tool.

Many of these parts are substitutable. This is just what I happened to have in my parts box.
No offense, this is a decent idea, but why? Why have a touch button? You don't mutilate a Super Nintendo
Couldn't this just be done with the foil hooked up to a transistor that would activate a switch?

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