Introduction: Touch Sensors A.k.a Touch Hand Shake.

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Touch Sensors As the Name Implies, It is The Technology That's been Running Behind Today's Smart Technology & Off Course It Would Be Tomarrow's Innovation. That's my college Project for One month Training Session. It is Resistive Touch Sensors' Technology Project. In This Project I've Converted a Simple Doll Into Touch Responsive One.

This is The same Technology which runs the 'Smart phones' , 'Touch L.E.D.s' And ' Smart T.V.' . This is the minor Electronics project . In this project I've created a touch Responsive doll , In which I've Install Number of L.E.Ds to get Superb output, Rather this project is Damn Easy & very Common but not for Beginners (oh no no not at all,) So please Do read it & Do watch the video too , you'll rather impressed & Surprised by knowing that This is the very basic principle of "Touch Technology " The Same technology that is running the Apple , Samsung etc. Offcourse I mean to the Smart Phones, Tablet PCs, Touch Screens & Also Gaming Consoles etc. So Do Read & watch it & plzz feel free to Comment ...
Please Here I'm Going To Add The Link to Stack Of This Project That'll Help You To Understand It Properly.

Thanxx :)

Step 1: Video - Resistive Touch Sensors ( in Touch Hand Shake ).

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This is a Video that'll help To get the project's overview, working & implementation very perfectly.

Step 2: Project Report - Resistive Touch Sensors A.k.a " Touch Hand Shake ".

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"Here I'm Linking You To The Project report Of This Project. The Project report Includes Everything Related to It. Like Working,Ckt. Diagrams,Components List, Applications & Other Important Stuff."

Project Report:

Step 3: Project Presentation - Touch Hand Shake (Slides).

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Here In this Section As You Can Guess From the Name is a Link To the Project Presentation That's Been Conducted At College Seminar. I'm Linking It Because I Strongly Believe This May Be a Good Helpful Stuff For a Person Who'd Like To Know More Abut This Project. Thanx. 


Step 4: Bonus - Capacitive Touch Sensors.

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A very beginning guide on Capactive Touch Sensors. There Was a Need Of Mine To Work On It Either. Please Guys This Report (Kind Of ) is also Created By Me. So Please Considered It as Much Supporting guide on the Relative field Of Touch Sensing. Thanx.



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