Touch Stylus for iPod Touch/iPhone, any generation

Picture of Touch Stylus for iPod Touch/iPhone, any generation
This step by step will show you how to create a free touch stylus for you iPod or iPhone, assuming that you have a few things.
You will need;
A paperclip,
Approx. 10cm x 20cm foil, plus a little bit extra,
A pencil,
Approx. 30cms of sticky tape,
About 5 mins of spare time.
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Step 1: Mould your paperclip

Picture of Mould your paperclip
Strip down your paper clip if it is covered in plastic, if not, then ignore this sentence.
Straighten out your paper clip.
Bend the last 1 to 2 cms of your paper clip into a small circe. Wrap it around pliers, or bend it against a table.
Cover this in your extra foil.
Flatten it as much as possible.

Step 2: Fit your pencil

Picture of Fit your pencil
Then, using your paper clip, place the flattened end with foil onto the end of your pencil. It has to be a flat end, not sharpened.
Bend the clip so that it follows along the side of the pencil.
Wrap the clip around the pencil, and tape in place.

Step 3: Cover and complete

Picture of Cover and complete
Then, using your 10cm x 20cm foil, wrap this around your pencil, ensuring that it touches the end of the paper clip.
Test out your new stylus!
ollienye (author) 1 year ago

Do you have foil that is coated in plastic of some sort? Because this relies on foil being conductive

It does not work for me