video Touchscreen RGB Light Controller
For our wedding we really wanted some lighting that could change colour in a slow, controlled way. It also needed to change between predefined colours that fitted with our colour scheme. We couldn't find a cheap way of doing this, so we decided to make something! This is the result!

You'll need:
A HY STM32 VCT6 3.2"  board - there are many, so be sure you have the right one! (£30 / $40)
A WS2811 LED string (£20 /  $30)

  • Plug the HY board into your PC and flash Espruino onto it. See for more information
  • Wire it up - Find the end of the WS2811 lights with the female plug on, and then wire White->Gnd, Red->5V, Green->PB15.
  • Copy and paste the code (see below)

Pasting code into Instructables doesn't seem to work too well, so all the code you need is on the Espruino website: