Picture of Tough PVC Cases For Anything
Ever need a case for something that you didn't want broken? Like making things that are simple, yet indestructible?

It is very simple to make a very tough case out of some PVC or ABS pipe.
I made a gift for my  friend, but it was pretty delicate, so I needed a case to put it in. Looking at the junk lying around my work table, I devised this and built in in about an hour.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

  • Saw, either a hack saw, hand saw, or reciprocating saw.
  • Ruler and marker to make straight lines.
  • Drill
  • Rivet gun
  • Hot glue
  • Knife
  • PVC or ABS pipe, mine was 2-inch diameter, but whatever works
  • Tough foam, or two end caps to fit the pipe
  • Cloth-optional
  • Short screws or rivets
  • two small hinges
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bobzjr3 years ago
Another idea to tweak the design - solid endcaps attached to one side of clamshell. Instead of two half moons, a full circle attached to one side.
Solid Endcaps.jpg
EricS9 bobzjr8 months ago

You know what that design would be awesome for? Put a dowel between the two end caps and use it for wire or cable storage. Love it.

ilpug (author)  bobzjr3 years ago
That would also work well. I used foam because I had limited time and materials. If I make another I will use wood. You could also use PVC end caps to make the ends, then cut them too. I really like your sketches, they get the ideas across very clearly.
Schmidty162 years ago
how close is it to waterproof
ilpug (author)  Schmidty162 years ago
this one isnt at all
de05093 years ago
Lol. Havent done these things but really love to try it. Just my 2 cents. Ive seen on the net about this but using endcap at one end with female adapter and plug at the other end. So if youre the survivalist types, the setup will create a waterproof container for caching your stuff. wait why not i try find it again. this is the nearest of whats in my mind http://modernsurvivalonline.com/creating-a-survival-cache/
ilpug (author)  de05093 years ago
that would work, although it is made and designed for a much different application than my container.
paqrat3 years ago
Great idea and great instructable. I may have to try this. If one were to use clear plastic as one end one could possibly see what is inside.
ilpug (author)  paqrat3 years ago
Yeah, that would definitely be possible. You can actually get clear PVC pipe, so I suppose you could use that for the full effect.
freeza36 ilpug3 years ago
I didn't know that they sold clear pvc
ilpug (author)  freeza363 years ago
You can get it online I think. Try TAP plastics.
bobzjr3 years ago
Nice instructable! Thanks for posting. Have you considered using an integrated velcro strap for the "latch" mechanism? I'm wanting to use what you've shared and use this type mechansim...
Velcro with Rivets.jpg
ilpug (author)  bobzjr3 years ago
I considered that, and it is totally a viable system to use. I just chose the clip system because it was simple and matched the native material.

Go ahead! If you make some, post the pictures, I would love to see.
Excellent idea! I'm may try to make one using a living hinge.... see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Living_hinge... for a more streamlined effect and possible added stability without alignment issues, etc... with hinges and hardware.
How would you make a living hinge? Would you use the interior vinyl lining as the hinge material? I can't think of anyway to use only the PVC material itself for the hinge...
ilpug (author)  wiley coyote3 years ago
Sounds awesome! Do it!
Pfarmkid3 years ago
two things

1. +

2. 1

Equals +1
ilpug (author)  Pfarmkid3 years ago
Thanks :P
Junophor3 years ago
You are right!!

A very good idea instead of using an oakley case;-))))) for your instructables

Cheers Aeon Junophor
Santawon3 years ago
Very cool idea. I have a hundred ideas I could do with these. Going to make some as soon as possible. Thanks for the awesome instructions.....

BigDrig3 years ago
I have made something similar to this once for a geocaching container. Good instructable.
jpwwalker3 years ago
Such a great way of putting small items in my tool box such as drill bits! I might even make another one to put a pair of safety glasses in to stop them getting scratched in my box!!
ilpug (author)  jpwwalker3 years ago
This makes a great glasses case, except for the fact that it is really bulky.
abstracted3 years ago
great idea for my camera lenz`s
quantumz3 years ago
This is a great idea that yields a handsome case.

One possible addition would be to use expanding foam insulation to make a custom shaped insert inside the tube, so the object isn't rattling around inside the case.
Like in this project for making custom tool drawers: 
Stunning idea - I've got a socket set which had a thin plastic liner. It broke so I tried making something with polystychrene, which worked but is messy.
That's on the plan for tomorrow.
That is a great idea also. Fantastic tool storage idea. And the PVC carrier is brilliant.
ilpug (author)  quantumz3 years ago
I never thought of that! Great idea!
tinker2343 years ago
could i possibly add lead to the case for radioactive materials
ilpug (author)  tinker2343 years ago
Umm,If you choose to, I can't guarantee the safety. Just out of curiosity, what are you putting in it that is radioactive?
tinker234 ilpug3 years ago
forgot to add im not allowed to disclose my ressearch by boss
ilpug (author)  tinker2343 years ago
Okay, just be safe. This case isn't really designed for that, so do it at your own risk.
i think that this a great projects thanks
Ed-win3 years ago
If you will drill the hole for the hinges before you cut the pipe into it is eaiser. Neat idea.
ilpug (author)  Ed-win3 years ago
True. It doesn't really matter what order you do it in
lukeD3 years ago
You are such a genius!!
this is so simple!

I have a little problem, I like to go fishing in my free time.
and I use very fragile fishing floats. They break very fast, so if I make a case for the floats with pvc of 0.6 inch. that would be very great! I'll try it for sure.

what I will add to your design are holes, around 10 I think, So the I can put the floats in the case when they are still wet, and thanks to the holes the floats can dry. the foam to close the sides will stay, so I can put thee hook of the fishing tackle into that foam,
then i can wrap the rest of the fishing line around the pvc pipe.

there will be space for one fishing float in one sase.

A perfect design for most fishers I think.

great ible

rated *5
ilpug (author)  lukeD3 years ago
Wow! I never even thought of fishing stuff. Good application! And thanks!
ehudwill3 years ago
I made a case like this out of bamboo, but had trouble with the latch. I like your latch idea. Great job.
prestux3 years ago
Great Idea! Thanks.
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