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I realize other people have made these style belts here on Instructables, but I wanted to make my own version. I had a old leather belt that was ready for the trash, so that is were I got the buckle. I tied a normal portuguese sinnet with one end tied on the buckle, and the other end I pulled the ends through the loop and used a lighter to melt it in place (this is nylon rope). I made the belt about 42 inches long, which took about 25 feet of rope to tie (I think). So in a way this is a survival belt because it did take a lot of rope. I had two different thickness ropes that were the same camo color, so thats how I made the belt loop holder. I simply pulled some of the smaller gauge rope through both sides of the belt and tied another portuguese sinnet, finishing the same way as the belt (with a lighter). I ware this belt almost every day and get compliments all the time (I've been waring it for several months now so its tough too). If anyone wants to know I found the rope at walmart in the marine section, probably cost about 8 bucks to make. Sorry I don't show how to tie this knot (it's a reef knot tied on a loop) but you can find a great video on how to tie it here. I hope others make their own version of this awesome belt because anything you make is way cooler than anything you can buy.


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2011-10-18

Looks great! I love the knot you used.

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