Picture of Tough sack from jeans
It seems I am always trying to organize my tools. Out of that need comes this tough little sack for tools. I made this from materials many people are likely to have. The bag is made from a used pair of jeans that do not fit me. I repurposed the strap from a tie down strap set with broken ratchets.

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials
Sewing machine
Denim sewing needle for sewing machine
Needle for hand sewing

Polyester outdoor thread
Strap or rope

Step 2: Size and cut

Picture of Size and cut
To size the bag,
     Put the pants on a flat surface.
     Place the longest tool you'll be storing in the bag, on the pants leg.
     Add length for the tie strap and the fold that will cover it.

Cut the pants leg where you have determined.

For an extra strong bag cut the same piece from the other leg.
(This tutorial will assume the bag is double lined. The pants I have were worn thin in places and the tools I want to keep in the bag are heavy.)

Step 3: Attach the pieces together

Picture of Attach the pieces together
Determine the side of the jeans that will be visible when finished. I chose to use the inside of the pants leg since it did not have paint or other stains on it. 

Slide one of the cut pieces inside of the other, place the 'visible' sides next to each other. When finished; one visible side will be the outside of the bag and the other will be on the inside.

Be sure to offset the seams that run down the length of the pants leg.

Decide which end will be the top of the bag.

Sew the two pieces together at the top end. Follow the circumference of the pants leg.

Invert the pieces so the correct side of the material is now showing.

Step 4: Sew the bottom circumference of the bag

Picture of Sew the bottom circumference of the bag
Attach the two layers of material together on the bottom of the sack. Follow the circumference of the sack.