Introduction: Touring Bar Modification for 36" Unicycle!

Terry "UniGeezer" Peterson Demonstrates an easy way to modify the standard (SHORT!) coker touring bar, and extend it to almost twice the normal length!

It will be far more comfortable to ride with the longer bar, plus you can then make the twin bars into a cool console for your ipod and other stuff!

Watch now and please leave comments! Thanks!


bluebikedude (author)2009-08-31

Do you or anyone know were a person could find a free set of plans on the internet to make a unicycle.

vanpaun (author)2009-07-12

Hey, you want to hook me up with one of those open ended stems when I ride with you? I think I want to do this.

unigeezer (author)vanpaun2009-07-13

haha, well, I can help you make it. Did you bring your 36er to CA? Do you already have a touring bar?

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