Tow Hitch Bike Rack





Introduction: Tow Hitch Bike Rack

I made this bike rack in order to carry our bikes and to prevent soiling the interior with chain oil.  Now I don't have break our bikes down in order to prepare them for transport.  I made it at Techshop San Jose (http:\\

Step 1: Cut 1 1/4" Mild Steel Tubing and Angle Iron

Step 2: De-bur and Bevel Mild Steel With an Angle Grinder

Step 3: Drill Holes in the Clamping and Hitch Pieces

Step 4: Tack the Pieces Together With a Mig Welder

Step 5: Mig Weld the Bike Rack Frame and Clamp Sections

Step 6: Grind the Welds With a Flap Wheel on an Angle Grinder

Step 7: (Optional) Weld Stainless Steel Bolts Into the Clamping Section.

Step 8: Sand Blast the Bike Rack

Step 9: Wash the Bike Rack With TSP

Step 10: Dry and Preheat Bike Rack in the Powder Coating Oven

Step 11: Powder Coat Bike Rack. Cover the Bolt Threads With Polyester High Temperature Tape.

Step 12: Bake Coated Bike Rack in the Oven at the Appropriate Temperature and Duration.

Step 13: Allow Bike Rack to Cool Outside the Oven.



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    Made one just like that. It fails at the joints from off roading. SO, if you go off the asphalt, gusset the thing. Leave a hole in the gusset to run your choice of chain/cable through it. If you weld a washer on the vertical, you can cable tie your bike so it doesnt swing each time you brake.

    Well done !
    Why spend 100$ for a fancy one in a shop,
    if you can do it yourself with some "gardening "tools !