Introduction: Towel Pants

Turn a boring towel into a cool new pair of pants.

Perfect for a pool party, swim meet, or water fight.

These towel pants are simple and easy to make.

Step 1: Supplies

1. a large towel

2. scissors

3. elastic

4. thread (the same or similar color as your towel)

5. pen or marker

6. a large piece of paper

7. pins

8. a sewing machine

Step 2: Make a Pattern

Find a pair of pants the size you want the towel pants to be.

Fold these pants in half lengthwise and lay them on a large piece of paper.

Trace the pants leaving a half inch extra all around and an extra 2 inches for the waist.

Cut out the pattern.

Step 3: Cut the Towel

Fold the towel so the edges of it meet in the middle.Then you will only have to sew one side.

Pin the pattern on top.

Cut around the pattern.

Repeat so that you have two pieces, one for each leg.

Step 4: Sew

Fold the legs in half with good sides together.

Sew the inside of the legs and sew from the top till you get to the part that sticks out and goes to a point.

Do this on both legs.

Sew the four points together to make a X, connecting the legs.

Hem the bottom of the pants.

Look at the seams on a pair of pants to better understand how the sewing is done.

Step 5: Waist Band

Fold over the waist.

Sew around it leaving a few inches not sewed.

Attach a safety pin to the end of the elastic and work it through the waist.

Sew the ends of the elastic together and sew the hole.

Step 6: Done

Enjoy your new towel pants!


gr8conartist made it! (author)2014-07-13

Gonna have to make a set for the whole family!
Might have to consider shorts also.

Such a great idea with easy instructions to follow.

dkleinman made it! (author)2014-07-12

Cool way to clean dirty kitchen floors!!! Lol

jessyratfink made it! (author)2014-07-11

This is so so smart! Especially for when you get out of the pool and have to walk around somewhere super air conditioned afterwards. :D

Abigail02 made it! (author)2014-07-11

Look so cozy!!

Danger is my middle name made it! (author)2014-07-11

Great idea! They look super comfy and would be great for a day at the beach!

Triclaw made it! (author)2014-07-10

neat idea , are they hot ? sure is an easy way to dry off

moon flower made it! (author)moon flower2014-07-10

I finished them yesterday and haven't had a chance to test them.

I suppose that the thicker the towel you use the hotter the pants will be.

MrsMalookie made it! (author)2014-07-25

Wow! Think I want to make these, they look so comfy!

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