Picture of Towel Turnip Bag
So here's the story. I was going to winter camp this last weekend and was filling my duffel with the various clothing items that one takes to winter camp (for those of you outside of the US, most Americans know what I'm talking about) and then I came across a fan towel that you spin at foot ball games. It was a random free thing that someone handed to me before our homecoming game from the bank that helps sponsor our team. It was printed with a paste that resembled thick rubbery icing. Anyways, the towel wasn't much good for drying things, so I was going to toss it... then it hit me. *insert light bulb* I can use this to make something useful! :D This was the product. I call it... the Towel Turnip Bag. (I thought it looked like a turnip :/ :p) So if you have a random hand towel laying around that you would normally chuck, use it to make a bag! I will most likely be giving this bag to a friend since the color really doesn't sit well with me but I shall make a new one that looks much more aesthetically pleasing. I'll use it to carry things around at Magic: The Gathering tournaments and FNM. :)

I believe that it is quite strong and can carry in upwards of 15 lbs without tearing. The flap on the top can be pulled back behind the body to be left open for ease of access. You can use this when traveling, going on a walk or hike, camping, when you garden for holding weeds, bulbs, seeds, tools, whatever you want. :) I can fit about 4 standard size water bottles in it.
Very nice design!
Thank you Penelopy! :) It was the simplest one I could think of.