Towel-less Citizen VS the Wet Slide of Doom!




Introduction: Towel-less Citizen VS the Wet Slide of Doom!

Ever taken your kiddos to the park and they get to the top of the play place ready to slide and you realize there is a big puddle of water on the slide? Of course, you most likely didn't think before leaving the house... "gee, you know, i bet the slides might be wet, I'll just grab my handy dandy towel on the way out!". If you did, then kuddos to you!!! Me? I'm like OMG, these kids are nuts!... to the park! now! go! go! go!

So for all of those who are like me, here is a little trick I picked up while working at a preschool:

What does almost every park have in abundance? Sand!
You can use this annoying, shoe filling element to your advantage!

Step 1: encounter the wet slide of doom
Step 2: Say to this abomination: you have met your match! I will demoisturize you!
Step 3: Begin scooping up mounds of sand and rain it down upon the puddle of doom
Step 4: When the clothing- soaking puddle has been completely obscured with sand, exile it from the kingdom of Slide. This can be done the fun way by sending your little champion down the slide, feet first to send the savior sand back to whence it came.
Step 5: Celebrate your triumph over the forces of evil park adventure sabotage!



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    thank you! I tried to make it somewhat entertaining :p