Picture of Tower Led
The tower is composed of acrylic where we were installing LEDs

Step 1: What we need

Picture of What we need
1 Threaded Rod
10 Leds (20 for beter result)
1 capacitor 63V 10uF
2 resistors 10k
IC LM3914N
acrylic sheet 8mm
acrylic sheet 4mm (option for the for the box that contains the circuit)
2k pot
50k pot
100k resistor (option. The resistance value can change it depend on your stereo)
2 diode zener

Other material:

hot glue
pliers long nose
30 nut for the Threaded Rod   (on my project)
sander p100 (for the edge)

mebins1027 months ago

Hi im a pretty big nooby at all this, how are you powering the leds?

Finger44 (author)  mebins1026 months ago
Hi menbins102
I use a 12V adapto at 0.005 mA

Is there someway to make this minus the cap? I have all the parts except the capacitor, and am wondering what the purpose of the capacitor is and if it's necessary, or if it can be replaced wiht something else.

Can't the zener diodes be replaced with just normal diodes? I can't find a reason for them to be zener diodes.

Finger44 (author)  neutralityy1 year ago

you can not replace the zener diodes with normal diodes. I think you can you obtain for cheap on ebay. the zener diode is used to regulate the voltage

Finger44 (author)  neutralityy1 year ago
hy neutralityy I don't know exactly what the cap does, but its not realy necessary.

What are the specs of the zener diodes you used? What wattage and whats the breakaway voltage? Are both diodes identical?

Great job. Did you have wait till the cat fell asleep before starting your project? I had cats and I am still finding lost project parts or toys (Depends
on your purrrrspective)

Finger44 (author)  Fikjast Scott1 year ago

they take my components as played and lost :). they like to sleep on my worktable and I must find a place to work

diy_bloke1 year ago


Finger44 (author)  diy_bloke1 year ago