Hi there! This instructable contains the comprehensive instructions of how you can hack a tower pro SG 90 micro servo for continuous rotation. 


Micro servos can be used as robot wheels and are more convenient for such applications. This is due to the fact that micro servos have a certain figure that helps you attach it to a robot chassis or what not. PLUS: It has that cute but not irritating sound that makes it really nice to be used on cute but reliable robots.

Micro servos usually have a maximum rotation of 180 degrees and a dc motor on the other hand has continuous rotation.


Before proceeding to this tutorial, make sure you have extra money because you might do this wrong if you're doing it for the first time. But nevertheless, since I am going to guide you to this process, I just wish you good luck and I hope you're money gets spent for a cause.

I am also not held responsible for whatever happens to your servo and it is really hard to put everything back the way it is once you've done this hack. (Yeah, I've tried it out and luckily I got the servo back to normal)

ALSO, TAKE A SNAPSHOT OF YOUR SERVO AFTER EVERY STEP. In this way, you can go back to step one any time. 

Step 1: Materials

All you need for this project are the following:

Shear cutter or Hobby drill
Soldering iron
Soldering lead
Stranded or solid wire
Precision screwdriver
And of course, a micro servo

However, I understand that some people don't have a micro servo and might want to buy one.
Here are my store suggestions:

In North America,
- Sparkfun through shipping
- Radioshack

In the Philippines,
- eGizmo, Taft for almost P200
<p>Actually, author didn't mention the thing that potentiometer used in SG90 has limited rotation, and the gear on top has a hole (it isn't that round) connecting it to potentiometer (originally used to be aware of servo's position) and changing it's state, so it is required to make that hole round, and make the gear on top rotate freely (but there is a risk of fluctuations, so the better choice is to replace potentiometer with a shaft as well: still there is a problem of getting it fixed inside a case...).</p><p>And, Guys, if you really want to try it (just 4 fun), - don't remove the PCB, - just cut off wires (keep it simple: don't do things unless you need it), or you'll be at risk of damaging the servo case.</p><p>I'd never recommend this servo hack.</p>
do you know what is the max voltage input for the motor if i wanted to control the motor bypassing the board?
<p>Here is an other example how to use SG90 without Servo library: http://privateblog.info/prostoj-sposob-upravleniem-servoprivodom-sg90/</p>
<p>can you please tell me from where to get precision screw drveri </p>
awesome, another maker from the ph! nice to meet you, dude hahaha dude you're from around Taft?

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