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I made it on my house drawing table with ben 10 and dragon ball z playing cards !! hows that ?? Can u make it :

NAAA !! but i made it

Step 1: One More Tower

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hows this my tower of cards I made it !!


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-07-23

Nice card tower. I can never manager to get mine above 3 levels.

sorry for that i am bit busy due to school work. I had not log in to my id for a year sorry for that . This is my last year of school when i get time after that i will surely publish the images of steps of making it. Atmost i am providing some more sculptures that i made at that time. Try and enjoy.

i have some pics u can see them and try to make more then 3 levels its very easy

Pratik Bidhan made it! (author)Pratik Bidhan2016-08-03

here they are

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